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[Tip] Learn Kanji Readings the Easy Way

Japanese is full of those characters originating from China. The trouble for most learners seems to be to remember their readings. There are numerous ways to memorize at least the 音読み. One of them is called the movie method, invented by a member over at kanji.koohi.com This is very helpful, but as you know, there are not only 音読み but also 訓読み readings. And once you are learning vocabulary, you will run into the problem, that words can have one and the same reading and you have to remember them.

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Learning Tip

One of numerous ways to overcome the problem of forgetting words is to write them out. You can do this while you are learning a word to remember it later on. Or you can write a whole sentence out as a punishment during your reviews. I did the following to try not to forget words.

    Copying the words into a browser window, and hover over it with Rikaisama set to Japanese.
    Messing the desktop with notes containing the words and the English translation.
    Write out the words during reviews.
    Write the word numerous times in Kanji and Kana.
    Write the whole sentence.

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