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Let’s Discover 源氏物語

The tale of Genji can be considered to be the oldest story in Japan. Besides other books I currently read, ショッピングの女王 being one of them, The Tale of Genji ranges on top of my current to read list. Thanks to the fact that I keep listening to various Japanese radio stations on a daily basis, I already know the story up to the end of chapter 23, 初音 (はつね). I also greatly enjoy the story, having the laptop on my couch table, and just listening while relaxing on my sofa. One of the stations currently airing a version of The Tale of Genji, read by 「リンボウ先生」 which is the nickname of 林望さん (のぞみはやし) 「謹訳源氏物語」, is 調布FM.

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[文法] Grammar [なかなか~ない]

Today I finished Lesson 2 of An Integrated Approach to Intermediate Japanese. While i was working through the grammar section, i burst out laughing all of a sudden, when i read the English explanation, of the grammar point なかなか~ない. This is a great opportunity for me not only to teach you some grammar, but also to tell you why i found this particular grammar point so funny.

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笠地蔵 The Folktale Kasajizou

Dear reader, today i will share a little story with you, which i have read for the first time today, while working through the back of げんき 1. It is called 笠地蔵 [かさじぞう] The Folktale of Kasajizo. First comes the Japanese original, which is followed by my more or less literal translation.  Continue reading