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Kanji in Context – Samurai – Racism – Evil Dead


Look whose evil now! This is a line from a musical called Evil Dead the Musical. You might know the horror movies, provided you are old enough. But did you know that there was a musical version of it also? Well, I didn’t. And I was rather surprised when I found out, under the most unlikely circumstances imaginable. I was typing a chapter, looking for an appropriate picture, and all of a sudden I saw it. It seemed to be quite a success, not only in Canada, it’s country of origin, but also abroad in Japan. Without further ado, I went to look for it over at Youtube, found it, and enjoyed an hour of laughter and fun.

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[Release] Kanji in Context Sentence Deck

I finished the first Kanji in Context Workbook, 94 chapters, 1700 cards, and a hundred grey hairs later, follows the release of the deck. The deck is structured in the following way.

– The word or words are on the front of the deck
– The sentence or sentences are on the back

There are words that I thought would need a definition, so there is a separate field called 意味 in this deck, which is on the back of the cards.

– The word or words are defined like this 肺胞 【はいほう】

In case of such a word, i chose to use a picture, to make clear what it means. I tried to find appropriate pictures, sometimes containing book titles, and sometimes an additional text for you to read. Sometimes I decided to add a short definition in Japanese, and if you find any errors or mistakes in them, you can blame me for it. In most cases, however, I decided to go with pictures, because they make clear what it is about.

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[Release] Quiz Deck

As promised, today is the release of one of my quiz decks. This deck contains 915 cards, with multiple choice answers, 4 per card. You can download it from the 4-shared website. The archive is password and the password is Nagareboshi. For questions, comments, or just for a thank you, please leave a comment.

I am very sorry that some of you visited my blog in vain in the search for the promised shared deck. I corrected the link and uploaded the file to a different host. I should have checked the accessibility before posting the link but now it should hopefully work. Sorry for any inconvenience this might have caused you.

[Release] 完全マスター3級文法 Spreadsheet

The last four or five days I’ve been working through the book mainly to work on my weak grammar. The outcome is a spreadsheet you can obtain by clicking on the following link for the .xlsx version I also wanted to create a tab-seperated version of it but that didn’t work, so you would have to convert it yourself, if you know any good tool that does it. I find that by working with spreadsheets, instead of decks, there is a better chance of retaining the information and it is easier to look up things. To work with spreadsheets is an idea from some other blogger who was passing the JLPT 1 without problems, offering detailed explanations how to most effectively use excel for learning Japanese grammar and vocabulary. Sadly I can’t find the bookmark to the website on my notebook, which means it must be on stored on the PC, and the PC is on repair right now, so I can’t give you the link for it. I eventually found that persons blog by typing in something along those lines of “failed JLPT,” or “failed JLPT 1,” so you might find it via google search with one of the keywords.

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KO.2001 Level 1 – Day of the Release

Dear Reader, yesterday I was able to finish Kanji Odyssey Level 1, in a very long sitting. That I was able to finish the program yesterday was only because Zorlee, a highly valued member over at forum.koohii.com, inspired me to do it. I surely didn’t plan to sit down and work my way through 40 frames, adding 290 sentences and vocab cards, and review all of them. But I am glad I did! Also the past entries in the The “I have finished KO.2001 Please Congratulate Me” thread added to my wish to sit down and get it done. I started around 10:30 a.m. and I was done at 11:03 p.m. I was overjoyed when I typed in the last sentence, and realized, that I really did it! I finished Level 1 of Kanji Odyssey!

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