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Re-Taking the N2

Since yesterday I was doing some good hard thinking about the JLPT. It is kind of weird. Even though I was learning intensively for the test, and practicing the acquired skills all around the Japanese web, in places only my browser history remembers for I don’t, I failed in the listening section. And the score for the reading section wasn’t that famous, earning me only a B there, I was considering my options.

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Future plans

As per request from Tori, I will not only write about my future plans in this article, but also how I intend to work with the material I already have, or will have in the future.

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Another Day Another Project

Yesterday I decided to start yet another project, Japanese for Everyone. The reason for doing this, is simply because there are some gaps, that need to be filled. This book seemed to be the best choice to cover what Genki didn’t. It is also a great way, to reinforce some of the basics, and to get a look at them from a different angle. I first thought I would do Minna no Nihongo, which makes sense, because everything is in Japanese. But then i opened up Japanese for Everyone, flipped through a little bit, and decided to go with that. This leaves Minna no Nihongo as sentence mining and vocabulary project, which i will do, whenever I find the time. I also want to mine the Japanese for Busy People books 1 to 3 and the workbooks. And there is also my current main project, which is An Integrated Approach to Intermediate Japanese. As it is impossible to do it all at once, I have to make a schedule, or plan of action. And this is what I plan to do, and the approximate time i plan on finishing it.

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