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JLPT N2 Result


Today is the day the results are Online for “the rest of us” and I just could not wait! I was pondering, should I look them up? Should I wait for the results to be mailed? I decided to look them up, and I failed! What? Yes, 不合格 [ふごうかく] failed! Too bad, but that is the result. Close, but it was a fail. A in vocabulary B in grammar, but the listening killed me. I thought that if it were, it would be the grammar or the language knowledge part, or even the reading. But listening? No, I did not expect that this part would be a problem.

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The Big Day is Close

The last couple of days were full of stress for me. I had to buy some utensils for the big test this coming Sunday, book my train tickets, print out my voucher, access maps, subway maps, maps containing taxi stands in front of the train station, in short it was horrible. You would not think how difficult it is, to obtain all the information, to book two tickets for a train, and to find timetables for subways.

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[Day 5] Kanzen Master

The fifth day of working with 新完全マスター2級文法 is over, and I really come to like this book, it is great. The results of the short tests after every lessons on the other hand are not particularly good. For most of the lessons I got more than half of the answers right, but I hate to have the other ones wrong for two reasons. The first is that I look at the 4 possible answers, take into consideration what I just learned, and choose the wrong one. In most cases the reason for this is because one of two possible answers appears to be correct, the differences are very small, but only one is correct. After checking the answers in the back of the book, and after re-reading the sentences I got wrong, it is clear why my choice was wrong.

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A Weird Dream

Yesterday I had a weird dream. It all started with a spontaneous idea. Why don’t you take a Japanese class, and wouldn’t it be a great idea to move to Japan for it? The next thing I remember is sitting over my books in a classroom somewhere in Japan. I was studying dilligently for the JLPT2, book after book, conversation after conversation, I came closer to my goal. Then the day has come, and my teacher was handing out the envelopes containing the test-results. Not so in my case, she just put a small slip of paper in front of me, and it read FAILED.

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Final Fight

Yesterday I finally finished the 日本語総まとめ2級 漢字、語彙 and 文法 books. This not only marks the end of this part of my journey, but also the beginning for a yet another, which I will write about in more detail later on. But before I do that, I have something for my followers old and new, love you guys! I will release my deck which contains all vocabulary from the 漢字 and 語彙 books as well as the example sentences and of course all grammar points with detailed explanations from the 文法 book. You can choose from any of the following variants.

★ The whole deck (Vocabulary, Kanji, Grammar)
★ Vocabulary
★ Kanji
★ Grammar
★ A mix of those decks

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