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The Road to N1


This year is 23 days old, and except 3, it was a nightmare for me. Most of the time I have been sick, experienced yet unknown new qualities of pain, and on top of that my good old mother got hospitalized. So you can imagine that I haven’t had much time nor did I feel to do keep myself busy with anything Japanese. By now I had planned to release the second Kanji in Context deck, containing the contents of the second worbook. This will be delayed for a little while longer, I can’t work wonders, and it should receive the same care as the other one did. Still, now that I feel a little better, I will see to it to start kicking again.

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The Key to Success: Do Stuff


Christmas is close, the last presents are bought, and if the world does not end unexpectedly, I should be able to finish this little side-project during the next two months. Having been a little lost lately, and writing it off my mind on my little space in the world of bits&bytes, somehow brought me back on track. I already started creating an Anki2 deck, typing up all the sentences from chapter 1 to 13, which is less than it might sound. 280 sentences, probably a little less, or slightly more. It is not the first time that I tried working with this program. The first time around, I was foolishly starting to type in all the vocabulary from the main book, which was no less than a nightmare.

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JLPT N2 is History

Hi everyone! How was the big test today? Did everything go well? I just came back home half an hour ago, and boy, this was some experience. Before I tell you about my experience, I will tell you the story of my big day. I got up at around 5 o’clock, punctually, drank an espresso, made myself ready to leave, checked that I got everything, and when I was done, it was about high time to leave for my train. After arriving at my local station, the first shock, because the train would arrive 10 minutes late! And so it was. The time was ticking by, and I was nervous, unnecessarily so to be honest.

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Here is another one of those websites I finished reading almost completely. This one is called Lifener.net. It is about hot topics from all over the world, art, creativity, touching stories, media, and what not. The good thing is that almost all articles published there are linked to the orignal articles. Most of the articles link to English websites, but I think I have also seen some Dutch, Swedish and French ones. So, in case you don’t understand something that’s written in Japanese, you can always check your understanding by visiting the original sources. *Lucky*


The time for the big test draws closer and closer, and I think that my preparations for it start to bear fruit. The last months have been a marathon, working through book after book, huge vocabulary lists, listening and watching native Japanese media, working through various NHK courses, mostly about Art and related topics, swallowing the basics of Quantum mechanics, and various other things I think the big day can come. The last book to prepare myself for it was どんな時どう使う日本語表現文型, and I promised to release my material to aid those who own the 改訂版 (かいていばん) the revised edition of the book.

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It is early autumn, the leafs are still green, but the weather and temperatures have dropped sharply. In other words, it is the perfect season for staying inside, spending some more time with books, and other Japanese related activities. Learning, surfing the internet, chatting, and reorganizing my life on top of that, have kept me from writing here. Since I received a request for the 日本語総まとめN2 deck, I thought to let you know that I still exist.

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There are times when I ask myself this question. How old would I have to become, to be able to see it all and do it all? Through media, and Japanese blogs, I learned about many places that i’d love to visit, things I would want to try out, and places I want to enjoy hanging out with the townsfolk. Old people in particular, because they can be very patient, so I can learn a thing or two from them. For my trip next year, I need to decide on only a handful of places to stay and some activities, which I am very bad at. Japan is full of interesting places, for instance a cat town, that I think it would take at least 200 years, until I get to see even a fraction of everything the country has to offer.

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