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Free E-Books


This is just a quick post to share a resource. Virtually hundreds of free and legal e-books, magazines, manga, and much more, in various formats. You can find them over at ipad-zine.com Once you clicked on an entry, you must be careful in your selection of the source you are going to open the book or magazine, because there are three or four. In some cases, for instance if you click on i文庫HDでダウンロード, your url will look like this ibhttp://www.ipad-zine.com/upload/ to open it, remove the ib part and it should open. This also happens when you chose GoodReaderでダウンロード only then there is a ghttp://www.ipad-zine.com/f/ in front of the url. So be careful, and have fun reading, it’s always an adventure!

[Release] Quiz Deck

As promised, today is the release of one of my quiz decks. This deck contains 915 cards, with multiple choice answers, 4 per card. You can download it from the 4-shared website. The archive is password and the password is Nagareboshi. For questions, comments, or just for a thank you, please leave a comment.

I am very sorry that some of you visited my blog in vain in the search for the promised shared deck. I corrected the link and uploaded the file to a different host. I should have checked the accessibility before posting the link but now it should hopefully work. Sorry for any inconvenience this might have caused you.

[Beginners Resource] Vocabulary and Dialogues

Here is another resource for those among my readers who just started out learning Japanese. At the Tokyo University of Foreign Language Study website you can learn Vocabulary, presented as a list according to topic, for instance 道 (みち), with a group of words like 橋 (はし), bridge、交差点 (こうさてん) crossing、車 (くるま) car、to memorize. After memorizing and a click on 次へ (つぎへ), next, you hear a word 3 times, and you can then have an example sentence for each of the words read for you. If you want to you can figure out the sentence by reading it first, and afterwards listen to the example sentence.

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Share Time

J’s 通信 (日本語の教え方実践講座) website offers information, resources, and useful tricks for Japanese language teachers. Most likely the information is geared towards their own teachers. For you must know that the above mentioned website belongs to a Japanese language school in Japan. That said, this website is not only useful for teachers, but also for learners. One of the useful things are the book reviews with warnings and additional information you surely wouldn’t find on amazon for instance, the JLPT resources for all levels, and the how-to guides. Basically everyone should be able to find something there, provided you know enough Japanese to find your way around, as it is all Japanese.