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Kanji in Context – Samurai – Racism – Evil Dead


Look whose evil now! This is a line from a musical called Evil Dead the Musical. You might know the horror movies, provided you are old enough. But did you know that there was a musical version of it also? Well, I didn’t. And I was rather surprised when I found out, under the most unlikely circumstances imaginable. I was typing a chapter, looking for an appropriate picture, and all of a sudden I saw it. It seemed to be quite a success, not only in Canada, it’s country of origin, but also abroad in Japan. Without further ado, I went to look for it over at Youtube, found it, and enjoyed an hour of laughter and fun.

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The Big Adventure

Every time I think of my journey to Japan I become more and more excited. Soon after I talked to someone about my plans, and it soon turned out that she would also love to go. She almost made to it Japan once, but had to cancel, because she was too afraid to fly. Too bad, but I didn’t want to give up. Luckily, one of my superb followers commented in one of my other posts, and suggested she should take pills. I suggested it to her, and she agreed that she would try. So we were two. After some more talk in a chat channel with people I got to like very much, someone else heard about our journey, and showed interest in joining us. The more, the merrier! A party of 3 people, sharing their love in Japan, able to speak Japanese at various degrees, and the plan to go there for some time. It really can’t get any better, or so I thought. Then, a week or two later, yet another one joined our little party. As of now, we are 5 people, who will travel Japan next year, and stay there for some months.

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Share Time

J’s 通信 (日本語の教え方実践講座) website offers information, resources, and useful tricks for Japanese language teachers. Most likely the information is geared towards their own teachers. For you must know that the above mentioned website belongs to a Japanese language school in Japan. That said, this website is not only useful for teachers, but also for learners. One of the useful things are the book reviews with warnings and additional information you surely wouldn’t find on amazon for instance, the JLPT resources for all levels, and the how-to guides. Basically everyone should be able to find something there, provided you know enough Japanese to find your way around, as it is all Japanese.

Motivation Where Art Thou?

One of my strong points is self motivation, which I have to thank my father and mother for, who taught me how important it is. Sometimes even the look out of my window can be a motivation to keep working at something, no matter how difficult, but sometimes it takes more to keep going. Even though I managed to look at the world in a more positive way, seeing all the good things that happen out there, the negative factors still have an influence on me. All the injustices that happen, the corruption, the politicians that work into their own pockets, instead of looking at the well-being of the whole country. In this respect, my country is the epitome of corruption, and there is no way out of it. I wish there was a way to change all this, knowing very well, that nothing will change, and most of those who dare to speak up are shut down. What is looking like paradise from the outside, is a mess inside, and this is Austria in the heart of Europe right there for you.

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Effective Marking Strategies

Since the time I discovered Wiredmarker I have put it to good use. Or so I thought. In the beginning I used the tool to mark vocabulary in articles and books. You can imagine how this must have looked like, everything in yellow, which is one of my favorite colours. After marking only vocabulary, grammar followed, marked in grey. Next came known and unknown words, marked in red and green. There have also been place and personal names, marked in turquoise. And before you know it, I was drowning in a sea of colors, no pleasure to go back and read. For re-reading articles I had to come up with a solution. Flushing the cache the markers are gone for the time being. Since Wiredmarker keeps a seperate cached page, so it was safe to flush the browser cache. While re-reading a website, I started to mark what I have forgotten once more, and then compared it with the archive. To my dissatisfaction I haven’t been using the full potential to make reading easier.

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Reading for Writing

It is funny. Here I am, wanting to write. I have the perfect source for learning it, and yet I am reading even more about writing, than I actually write. I guess this is inevitable. Even mori7 stresses the importance to read consistently, to develop knowledge and a feeling for the language, before starting to write. They are giving this advice to both parents and teachers, as well as the older students visiting their site. I am neither a preschool nor a school child, or a child at all, but you knew that already. Only in my heart I will remain to be one. That aside, in a way, I am currently a child again. I am trying to learn a culture technique, probably the most important next to speaking, and my level is close to that of a 1st grade elementary school child.

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An Experiment

During a break in today’s study session I had the idea for an experiment. I will call it “Parallel Listening” for the lack of a better name for it. The idea behind this experiment is to improve the understanding of Japanese, by having an English track silently translating what has been said in the background.

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