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[Release] Kanji in Context Sentence Deck

I finished the first Kanji in Context Workbook, 94 chapters, 1700 cards, and a hundred grey hairs later, follows the release of the deck. The deck is structured in the following way.

– The word or words are on the front of the deck
– The sentence or sentences are on the back

There are words that I thought would need a definition, so there is a separate field called 意味 in this deck, which is on the back of the cards.

– The word or words are defined like this 肺胞 【はいほう】

In case of such a word, i chose to use a picture, to make clear what it means. I tried to find appropriate pictures, sometimes containing book titles, and sometimes an additional text for you to read. Sometimes I decided to add a short definition in Japanese, and if you find any errors or mistakes in them, you can blame me for it. In most cases, however, I decided to go with pictures, because they make clear what it is about.

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A Future Past


I am currently in the midst of working through Kanji in Context. Today I added all the sentences in chapter 50 of 94. In other words, over half of the work is done, and the rest will follow during the next couple of days. Which means that you can expect a release of the first workbook very soon so check back often. This deck will be released freely without the condition of owning the book. The reason is the way I added the material, so without the workbook itself, or the main book containing all the Vocabulary, I bet you wouldn’t have much fun with this one.

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The Key to Success: Do Stuff


Christmas is close, the last presents are bought, and if the world does not end unexpectedly, I should be able to finish this little side-project during the next two months. Having been a little lost lately, and writing it off my mind on my little space in the world of bits&bytes, somehow brought me back on track. I already started creating an Anki2 deck, typing up all the sentences from chapter 1 to 13, which is less than it might sound. 280 sentences, probably a little less, or slightly more. It is not the first time that I tried working with this program. The first time around, I was foolishly starting to type in all the vocabulary from the main book, which was no less than a nightmare.

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