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The Big Adventure

Every time I think of my journey to Japan I become more and more excited. Soon after I talked to someone about my plans, and it soon turned out that she would also love to go. She almost made to it Japan once, but had to cancel, because she was too afraid to fly. Too bad, but I didn’t want to give up. Luckily, one of my superb followers commented in one of my other posts, and suggested she should take pills. I suggested it to her, and she agreed that she would try. So we were two. After some more talk in a chat channel with people I got to like very much, someone else heard about our journey, and showed interest in joining us. The more, the merrier! A party of 3 people, sharing their love in Japan, able to speak Japanese at various degrees, and the plan to go there for some time. It really can’t get any better, or so I thought. Then, a week or two later, yet another one joined our little party. As of now, we are 5 people, who will travel Japan next year, and stay there for some months.

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