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[Release] Kanji in Context Sentence Deck

I finished the first Kanji in Context Workbook, 94 chapters, 1700 cards, and a hundred grey hairs later, follows the release of the deck. The deck is structured in the following way.

– The word or words are on the front of the deck
– The sentence or sentences are on the back

There are words that I thought would need a definition, so there is a separate field called 意味 in this deck, which is on the back of the cards.

– The word or words are defined like this 肺胞 【はいほう】

In case of such a word, i chose to use a picture, to make clear what it means. I tried to find appropriate pictures, sometimes containing book titles, and sometimes an additional text for you to read. Sometimes I decided to add a short definition in Japanese, and if you find any errors or mistakes in them, you can blame me for it. In most cases, however, I decided to go with pictures, because they make clear what it is about.

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An Old Strategy Revived


Having recovered from my procrastination at least in parts, I am back on track now, to continue to learn more seriously within the language. I already wrote about my plans with Kanji in Context, and with breaks in between every other day, I so far made it up to chapter 24 in the workbook. Not so bad for what is a work of not even 3 days so far. In hours, it must be 6 to 8, if at all. There aren’t that many sentences per chapter anyway. I do enjoy the process and it is very enlightening to me to look at the sentences while I type them up. I know the process very well, coming from a monster like Kanji Odyssey, but this time it is different.

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During the last couple of months, I was working my butt off, to prepare myself as best as I can for the big test. Except one thing, listening comprehension exercises. I thought that there is no need for it, and this is still the way I think about it. The only thing one can do for listening comprehension, is listening. Thanks to the wonderful people at NHK 高校講座 and their programme for highschool children, I also acquired skills in active listening, and answering questions after an episode of roughly 20 minutes. Not one of the listening sections on the test will be that long, so there shouldn’t be any problem on the real test to keep the information, without having to take notes. Which, for me, is rather distracting. Since there are only two days left, and little old me aiming to use the remaining time wisely, this is what I’m currently doing.

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History meets Videogame

Today I finished lesson 20 of 30 in どんな時どう. At the end of the lesson I shut down my computer, and after finishing todays Anki reviews on my Notebook, I went Online to read some video game reviews. One of the ones I read was アレックス・キッド, a jump&run game, in which you are supposed to punch and kick your way through various levels, to save Alex father who is being held captive by ジャン・アシュレー.

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Let’s Discover 源氏物語

The tale of Genji can be considered to be the oldest story in Japan. Besides other books I currently read, ショッピングの女王 being one of them, The Tale of Genji ranges on top of my current to read list. Thanks to the fact that I keep listening to various Japanese radio stations on a daily basis, I already know the story up to the end of chapter 23, 初音 (はつね). I also greatly enjoy the story, having the laptop on my couch table, and just listening while relaxing on my sofa. One of the stations currently airing a version of The Tale of Genji, read by 「リンボウ先生」 which is the nickname of 林望さん (のぞみはやし) 「謹訳源氏物語」, is 調布FM.

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I bet you never heard of this coined word before. It could stem from me, but the truth is, it doesn’t. I like to make up my own words for some languages, for instance instead of saying Japanese, I would use Japan, or Frankreich, France. To give you a concrete example, instead of saying something like … 日本語を勉強して、歌詞が分かれば、映画の鑑賞が深まりそうで、漫画と小説も購入したいです。

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An Announcement

I thought it would be a nice idea to inform you all of an upcoming release of some of my newly created quiz decks. You can expect to see the decks probably by the end of this month. The decks will contain both vocabulary quizzes, N2 and old 2級, with about 2300 or more cards in each of them. The decks are separated into levels, and % of correct answers, so if you have a high percentage number you should now that it is a rather easy card. The other decks will contain mainly grammar exercises, N2 only, because it matters.

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