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The Big Adventure

Every time I think of my journey to Japan I become more and more excited. Soon after I talked to someone about my plans, and it soon turned out that she would also love to go. She almost made to it Japan once, but had to cancel, because she was too afraid to fly. Too bad, but I didn’t want to give up. Luckily, one of my superb followers commented in one of my other posts, and suggested she should take pills. I suggested it to her, and she agreed that she would try. So we were two. After some more talk in a chat channel with people I got to like very much, someone else heard about our journey, and showed interest in joining us. The more, the merrier! A party of 3 people, sharing their love in Japan, able to speak Japanese at various degrees, and the plan to go there for some time. It really can’t get any better, or so I thought. Then, a week or two later, yet another one joined our little party. As of now, we are 5 people, who will travel Japan next year, and stay there for some months.

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It is early autumn, the leafs are still green, but the weather and temperatures have dropped sharply. In other words, it is the perfect season for staying inside, spending some more time with books, and other Japanese related activities. Learning, surfing the internet, chatting, and reorganizing my life on top of that, have kept me from writing here. Since I received a request for the 日本語総まとめN2 deck, I thought to let you know that I still exist.

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Favorite Media

It is not always easy to find something to enjoy in the sea of media that has become available by now. Drama, Anime, Live Action, News, Variety Shows, a whole lot to choose from, freely available on the web. I tried them all out, Drama, Live Action, and Variety Shows are my least favorite. Anime, News, and Learning programs, videos and news about people and their lives are, what I enjoy most. Now you might ask what one can actually learn from Anime about Japan, social problems, customs, etc. Not so much if you aren’t paying any attention and just take them as source for entertainment. Take も~っと!おジャ魔女どれみ, a somewhat old Anime, about apprentice witches.

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Travel Schedule

Next year will be my first visit to Japan. Since it is never too early to plan ahead of time, I decided to write something about my plans for next year. The most likely dates of my visit are from September to January, or from October to February. In this time I plan to make a round trip, with my first stay in Nara, then off to 長崎, 九州, 広島, 京都, and 新潟. The visit to 新潟 would be in February, in case I decide to go between October and February. At that time there is a festival there called 豪雪JAM. From what I have seen it is exactly what I like, crazy guys playing crazy music on a snow stage.

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Money Machine

Being a smoker automatically turns a person into a money machine. Think of the high taxes imposed on those who smoke, and at the rising prices of cigarette packages. In Japan, smokers have become the target for a new type of business, smoke-rooms. This is due to the fact that it is prohibited to smoke on the street. Some smart people who smell the money are now offering nicely furnished places, in which smokers can smoke, without harming anyone. It costs 50円 for 1 time use and 1800円 for 1 month. This is still cheaper than having to pay the fine of 2000円. This makes me wonder how much more money could be made from smokers, and how. If I had to pay to smoke, I would rather quit, and this is not hard at all. It also doesn’t cost any money to stop. This is only what the Quit-Smoking industry is making a living from, which must be as big as the Smoking industry. In fact there is no need for nicotine-replacement aids, books, fake cigarettes and what not. But each to his own, as the saying goes. Japan is not the best place to be for smokers, so why not make it a goal to quit, before you travel there?

The Number of the Beast

Today I made a full backup of my Wired Marker .SQL database. It contains all the words, and some parts of sentences, marked during my reading sessions. The very first entry was created on 08.08.2011, and the last one from this database from three days ago, and guess how many entries are in this bugger? 400? Because I was so lazy and didn’t read much? Maybe 2000? Since you might at least give me the credit of a doubt that I actually read and marked some words? Or maybe 7000, as true reader this is still nothing, but at least something to start with? Either is wrong. Hold your breaths everyone! Between the first and the last entry I collected 24349 words. Most of them unique according to an .sql query, and since I was also marking larger parts of sentences, those parts also contain some additional words, which I would guess would add a significant number of additional entries. But let’s not count beans here, 24349 in 7 months is incredible, at least I think it is. It means that I have actually done much more when it comes to reading than I ever expected.

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Let’s Listen

Hello, Dear reader! Do you remember the last soccer world cup? Vuvuzelas all over the place, which made it impossible to listen to the commentators for even a short amount of time, without risking a major headache. Luckily the TV stations started to filter the noise which allowed the audience in front of the screen to actually enjoy the spectacle. Videos taken in front of a life audience, with noise in the background, a talking crowd of people, and on top of it all shouting children. Does this sound familiar to you? Of course! Because this is real life right there for you. And as we all know there are no noise filters, no sound improvement techniques, just unfiltered noise our brain has to deal with. This makes the task of listening to a speaker and trying to understand very difficult, too. Take the following video as an example.

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