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Free E-Books


This is just a quick post to share a resource. Virtually hundreds of free and legal e-books, magazines, manga, and much more, in various formats. You can find them over at ipad-zine.com Once you clicked on an entry, you must be careful in your selection of the source you are going to open the book or magazine, because there are three or four. In some cases, for instance if you click on i文庫HDでダウンロード, your url will look like this ibhttp://www.ipad-zine.com/upload/ to open it, remove the ib part and it should open. This also happens when you chose GoodReaderでダウンロード only then there is a ghttp://www.ipad-zine.com/f/ in front of the url. So be careful, and have fun reading, it’s always an adventure!