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Kanji in Context – Samurai – Racism – Evil Dead


Look whose evil now! This is a line from a musical called Evil Dead the Musical. You might know the horror movies, provided you are old enough. But did you know that there was a musical version of it also? Well, I didn’t. And I was rather surprised when I found out, under the most unlikely circumstances imaginable. I was typing a chapter, looking for an appropriate picture, and all of a sudden I saw it. It seemed to be quite a success, not only in Canada, it’s country of origin, but also abroad in Japan. Without further ado, I went to look for it over at Youtube, found it, and enjoyed an hour of laughter and fun.

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An Old Strategy Revived


Having recovered from my procrastination at least in parts, I am back on track now, to continue to learn more seriously within the language. I already wrote about my plans with Kanji in Context, and with breaks in between every other day, I so far made it up to chapter 24 in the workbook. Not so bad for what is a work of not even 3 days so far. In hours, it must be 6 to 8, if at all. There aren’t that many sentences per chapter anyway. I do enjoy the process and it is very enlightening to me to look at the sentences while I type them up. I know the process very well, coming from a monster like Kanji Odyssey, but this time it is different.

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The time for the big test draws closer and closer, and I think that my preparations for it start to bear fruit. The last months have been a marathon, working through book after book, huge vocabulary lists, listening and watching native Japanese media, working through various NHK courses, mostly about Art and related topics, swallowing the basics of Quantum mechanics, and various other things I think the big day can come. The last book to prepare myself for it was どんな時どう使う日本語表現文型, and I promised to release my material to aid those who own the 改訂版 (かいていばん) the revised edition of the book.

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My own book

If there is one thing in this world i love more than anything else it is reading books. The first book i was able to read, was written by Rolf Kalmuczak a.k.a Stefan Wolf, called T.K.K.G. I was four years old at the time. Once i was able to read all by myself, my parents bought a new book every other week, which i read in a matter of days. 120 pages were like nothing for me. Continue reading