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Free E-Books


This is just a quick post to share a resource. Virtually hundreds of free and legal e-books, magazines, manga, and much more, in various formats. You can find them over at ipad-zine.com Once you clicked on an entry, you must be careful in your selection of the source you are going to open the book or magazine, because there are three or four. In some cases, for instance if you click on i文庫HDでダウンロード, your url will look like this ibhttp://www.ipad-zine.com/upload/ to open it, remove the ib part and it should open. This also happens when you chose GoodReaderでダウンロード only then there is a ghttp://www.ipad-zine.com/f/ in front of the url. So be careful, and have fun reading, it’s always an adventure!

More Reading Resources

I grew up in the heyday of the home computer boom. One of the first systems my parents bought was a C-64. My cousin, she had an Atari 2600 console, we used to play when she was out of school, during the weekends, or generally when the weather was too bad to go outside. We didn’t sit there for hours to play away, as children use to do nowadays, we preferred to play outside with the children in our neighborhood. In the years between growing up and becoming an adult I collected a huge number of games, consoles from Nintendo, Sony, Sega, and also some portable systems, but also PCs. In recent years my wish to play died down considerably, and only since I started to learn Japanese I came back to this hobby. With the high number of games available, it is always difficult for me to decide to pick and choose one, and play away.

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Reading Japanese books

What is the first thing you try to read, when you are learning a new language? Most likely it is something you are genuinely interested in. But it can be hard to find something interesting to read, that you would also be able to read. For Japanese learners there is a set of books you could buy called Japanese Graded Readers. Every part of this series of books consists of 2 or up to as many as 5 volumes, where each volume contains a series of booklets, for a specific Level of Proficiency. The range covered is Level 0, which estimates that you are an absolute beginner who knows only 平仮名 (ひらがな), up to Level 4. Level 4 is the highest series and the reading material is targeted at people who are estimated to be at JLPT Level 3 or 2 (Japanese Language Proficency Test Level). It is said to be a good series. So far so good, but there is a catch. If you would want to buy all the readers, you would have to expend at least over 462$ because every books costs about 28$. So, even though you would be able to read the material, and considering that this is a great series of books, if money matters then this is certainly no option. Continue reading