An Old Strategy Revived


Having recovered from my procrastination at least in parts, I am back on track now, to continue to learn more seriously within the language. I already wrote about my plans with Kanji in Context, and with breaks in between every other day, I so far made it up to chapter 24 in the workbook. Not so bad for what is a work of not even 3 days so far. In hours, it must be 6 to 8, if at all. There aren’t that many sentences per chapter anyway. I do enjoy the process and it is very enlightening to me to look at the sentences while I type them up. I know the process very well, coming from a monster like Kanji Odyssey, but this time it is different.

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The Key to Success: Do Stuff


Christmas is close, the last presents are bought, and if the world does not end unexpectedly, I should be able to finish this little side-project during the next two months. Having been a little lost lately, and writing it off my mind on my little space in the world of bits&bytes, somehow brought me back on track. I already started creating an Anki2 deck, typing up all the sentences from chapter 1 to 13, which is less than it might sound. 280 sentences, probably a little less, or slightly more. It is not the first time that I tried working with this program. The first time around, I was foolishly starting to type in all the vocabulary from the main book, which was no less than a nightmare.

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ぐずぐずするのは時間の泥棒。 In that sense, all I got done lately was wasting time, reading some stuff on the web, blogs mostly, writing and leaving comments here and there, listened to some radio shows, watched some hews and reviews, slaying a fine follower of mine with walls of text, and continued to play エストポリス伝説. It doesn’t feel very rewarding at all, doing almost nothing, and not having the slightest what to do next. It is clear that I needed a break to consider my next steps. The two weeks to think about it are almost over, and yet I haven’t been able to make a clear decision.

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To Boldly Go …

The JLPT is over, what now? Where should the journey go to from now on? How do I continue to learn? Should I simply maintain and improve in weak fields? Or do I just stop learning and just start to enjoy? This array of questions must be what everyone gets haunted by who has taken the test. I’m no exception, because these are the questions I kept asking myself on the way back home. Thinking, hey, I did it! I sat the test, but … what comes next?

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JLPT N2 is History

Hi everyone! How was the big test today? Did everything go well? I just came back home half an hour ago, and boy, this was some experience. Before I tell you about my experience, I will tell you the story of my big day. I got up at around 5 o’clock, punctually, drank an espresso, made myself ready to leave, checked that I got everything, and when I was done, it was about high time to leave for my train. After arriving at my local station, the first shock, because the train would arrive 10 minutes late! And so it was. The time was ticking by, and I was nervous, unnecessarily so to be honest.

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During the last couple of months, I was working my butt off, to prepare myself as best as I can for the big test. Except one thing, listening comprehension exercises. I thought that there is no need for it, and this is still the way I think about it. The only thing one can do for listening comprehension, is listening. Thanks to the wonderful people at NHK 高校講座 and their programme for highschool children, I also acquired skills in active listening, and answering questions after an episode of roughly 20 minutes. Not one of the listening sections on the test will be that long, so there shouldn’t be any problem on the real test to keep the information, without having to take notes. Which, for me, is rather distracting. Since there are only two days left, and little old me aiming to use the remaining time wisely, this is what I’m currently doing.

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The Big Day is Close

The last couple of days were full of stress for me. I had to buy some utensils for the big test this coming Sunday, book my train tickets, print out my voucher, access maps, subway maps, maps containing taxi stands in front of the train station, in short it was horrible. You would not think how difficult it is, to obtain all the information, to book two tickets for a train, and to find timetables for subways.

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