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A Future Past


I am currently in the midst of working through Kanji in Context. Today I added all the sentences in chapter 50 of 94. In other words, over half of the work is done, and the rest will follow during the next couple of days. Which means that you can expect a release of the first workbook very soon so check back often. This deck will be released freely without the condition of owning the book. The reason is the way I added the material, so without the workbook itself, or the main book containing all the Vocabulary, I bet you wouldn’t have much fun with this one.

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An Old Strategy Revived


Having recovered from my procrastination at least in parts, I am back on track now, to continue to learn more seriously within the language. I already wrote about my plans with Kanji in Context, and with breaks in between every other day, I so far made it up to chapter 24 in the workbook. Not so bad for what is a work of not even 3 days so far. In hours, it must be 6 to 8, if at all. There aren’t that many sentences per chapter anyway. I do enjoy the process and it is very enlightening to me to look at the sentences while I type them up. I know the process very well, coming from a monster like Kanji Odyssey, but this time it is different.

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Fujitsu – And the German Pirate Party

Today I read an article about a new Fujitsu laptop on a daily newspaper website. The company released a new Notebook series for female customers in Japan. Nothing special about it, or is there? A member of the German Pirate Party found out about it. In a press release she was complaining about he stereotypical picture of women Fujitsu came up with to advertise for their new product. Silly, isn’t it? But wait! This is not the end of the story.

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I bet you never heard of this coined word before. It could stem from me, but the truth is, it doesn’t. I like to make up my own words for some languages, for instance instead of saying Japanese, I would use Japan, or Frankreich, France. To give you a concrete example, instead of saying something like … 日本語を勉強して、歌詞が分かれば、映画の鑑賞が深まりそうで、漫画と小説も購入したいです。

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Probably all Japanese language learners know at least one big Japanese tests. The 漢字検定 which tests a persons Kanji skills is one of them, another is called 日本語検定, but there are way more. In fact there are hundreds of tests of all sorts you can get your proficiency certified in. The 掃除検定, 日経検定, 日本ビール検定 which I wonder how this is one is carried out. Does a test taker have to drink blindfolded and then tell which brand it is? There is also the 歴史検定 which has two categories, 日本歴史 and 世界歴史, both can be taken and some parts can be certified if certain criteria are met.

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Favorite Media

It is not always easy to find something to enjoy in the sea of media that has become available by now. Drama, Anime, Live Action, News, Variety Shows, a whole lot to choose from, freely available on the web. I tried them all out, Drama, Live Action, and Variety Shows are my least favorite. Anime, News, and Learning programs, videos and news about people and their lives are, what I enjoy most. Now you might ask what one can actually learn from Anime about Japan, social problems, customs, etc. Not so much if you aren’t paying any attention and just take them as source for entertainment. Take も~っと!おジャ魔女どれみ, a somewhat old Anime, about apprentice witches.

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Two days ago I handed in my application. It took only one day to reach the test center. Today I received a call from the test center which I couldn’t answer personally. I was out almost all day. When I got home I was told that something in my application was wrong and I got worried. The first thing I did was to call the test center. The person answering my call was a foreigner and very hard to understand. He asked me for some course number, or application number, which I didn’t have or know. So we agreed that they would call me back. During the time of my wait I checked my inbox and found a bill, which only added to my confusion, after reading it.

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