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Re-Taking the N2

Since yesterday I was doing some good hard thinking about the JLPT. It is kind of weird. Even though I was learning intensively for the test, and practicing the acquired skills all around the Japanese web, in places only my browser history remembers for I don’t, I failed in the listening section. And the score for the reading section wasn’t that famous, earning me only a B there, I was considering my options.

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The Road to N1


This year is 23 days old, and except 3, it was a nightmare for me. Most of the time I have been sick, experienced yet unknown new qualities of pain, and on top of that my good old mother got hospitalized. So you can imagine that I haven’t had much time nor did I feel to do keep myself busy with anything Japanese. By now I had planned to release the second Kanji in Context deck, containing the contents of the second worbook. This will be delayed for a little while longer, I can’t work wonders, and it should receive the same care as the other one did. Still, now that I feel a little better, I will see to it to start kicking again.

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The Key to Success: Do Stuff


Christmas is close, the last presents are bought, and if the world does not end unexpectedly, I should be able to finish this little side-project during the next two months. Having been a little lost lately, and writing it off my mind on my little space in the world of bits&bytes, somehow brought me back on track. I already started creating an Anki2 deck, typing up all the sentences from chapter 1 to 13, which is less than it might sound. 280 sentences, probably a little less, or slightly more. It is not the first time that I tried working with this program. The first time around, I was foolishly starting to type in all the vocabulary from the main book, which was no less than a nightmare.

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ぐずぐずするのは時間の泥棒。 In that sense, all I got done lately was wasting time, reading some stuff on the web, blogs mostly, writing and leaving comments here and there, listened to some radio shows, watched some hews and reviews, slaying a fine follower of mine with walls of text, and continued to play エストポリス伝説. It doesn’t feel very rewarding at all, doing almost nothing, and not having the slightest what to do next. It is clear that I needed a break to consider my next steps. The two weeks to think about it are almost over, and yet I haven’t been able to make a clear decision.

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To Boldly Go …

The JLPT is over, what now? Where should the journey go to from now on? How do I continue to learn? Should I simply maintain and improve in weak fields? Or do I just stop learning and just start to enjoy? This array of questions must be what everyone gets haunted by who has taken the test. I’m no exception, because these are the questions I kept asking myself on the way back home. Thinking, hey, I did it! I sat the test, but … what comes next?

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22 Down 8 to Go

There is only a small number of chapters left in どんな時どう使う. I was working through one chapter per day, with a day or two to relax during the last 22 chapters, so it should only take 8 days to finish this book. I don’t plan to work with other any of the other books. It would also make little sense to start working with yet another book, with more than 12 books already done, the whole Core-Plus deck almost finished, reading through the Dictionaries of Basic and Intermediate Japanese Grammar twice, over a half of A Dictionary of Advanced Grammar, working through, and creating thousands of flashcards for, the 日本語総まとめ books, and spending countless hours to listen, read books, consuming media, watch Anime, play roleplaying games, Visual Novels, starting to write in Japanese, and so on.

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The Big Adventure

Every time I think of my journey to Japan I become more and more excited. Soon after I talked to someone about my plans, and it soon turned out that she would also love to go. She almost made to it Japan once, but had to cancel, because she was too afraid to fly. Too bad, but I didn’t want to give up. Luckily, one of my superb followers commented in one of my other posts, and suggested she should take pills. I suggested it to her, and she agreed that she would try. So we were two. After some more talk in a chat channel with people I got to like very much, someone else heard about our journey, and showed interest in joining us. The more, the merrier! A party of 3 people, sharing their love in Japan, able to speak Japanese at various degrees, and the plan to go there for some time. It really can’t get any better, or so I thought. Then, a week or two later, yet another one joined our little party. As of now, we are 5 people, who will travel Japan next year, and stay there for some months.

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