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Kanji in Context – Samurai – Racism – Evil Dead


Look whose evil now! This is a line from a musical called Evil Dead the Musical. You might know the horror movies, provided you are old enough. But did you know that there was a musical version of it also? Well, I didn’t. And I was rather surprised when I found out, under the most unlikely circumstances imaginable. I was typing a chapter, looking for an appropriate picture, and all of a sudden I saw it. It seemed to be quite a success, not only in Canada, it’s country of origin, but also abroad in Japan. Without further ado, I went to look for it over at Youtube, found it, and enjoyed an hour of laughter and fun.

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Free E-Books


This is just a quick post to share a resource. Virtually hundreds of free and legal e-books, magazines, manga, and much more, in various formats. You can find them over at Once you clicked on an entry, you must be careful in your selection of the source you are going to open the book or magazine, because there are three or four. In some cases, for instance if you click on i文庫HDでダウンロード, your url will look like this ib to open it, remove the ib part and it should open. This also happens when you chose GoodReaderでダウンロード only then there is a g in front of the url. So be careful, and have fun reading, it’s always an adventure!

[Release] Kanji in Context Sentence Deck

I finished the first Kanji in Context Workbook, 94 chapters, 1700 cards, and a hundred grey hairs later, follows the release of the deck. The deck is structured in the following way.

– The word or words are on the front of the deck
– The sentence or sentences are on the back

There are words that I thought would need a definition, so there is a separate field called 意味 in this deck, which is on the back of the cards.

– The word or words are defined like this 肺胞 【はいほう】

In case of such a word, i chose to use a picture, to make clear what it means. I tried to find appropriate pictures, sometimes containing book titles, and sometimes an additional text for you to read. Sometimes I decided to add a short definition in Japanese, and if you find any errors or mistakes in them, you can blame me for it. In most cases, however, I decided to go with pictures, because they make clear what it is about.

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More Reading Resources

I grew up in the heyday of the home computer boom. One of the first systems my parents bought was a C-64. My cousin, she had an Atari 2600 console, we used to play when she was out of school, during the weekends, or generally when the weather was too bad to go outside. We didn’t sit there for hours to play away, as children use to do nowadays, we preferred to play outside with the children in our neighborhood. In the years between growing up and becoming an adult I collected a huge number of games, consoles from Nintendo, Sony, Sega, and also some portable systems, but also PCs. In recent years my wish to play died down considerably, and only since I started to learn Japanese I came back to this hobby. With the high number of games available, it is always difficult for me to decide to pick and choose one, and play away.

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Here is another one of those websites I finished reading almost completely. This one is called It is about hot topics from all over the world, art, creativity, touching stories, media, and what not. The good thing is that almost all articles published there are linked to the orignal articles. Most of the articles link to English websites, but I think I have also seen some Dutch, Swedish and French ones. So, in case you don’t understand something that’s written in Japanese, you can always check your understanding by visiting the original sources. *Lucky*

[Release] Quiz Deck

As promised, today is the release of one of my quiz decks. This deck contains 915 cards, with multiple choice answers, 4 per card. You can download it from the 4-shared website. The archive is password and the password is Nagareboshi. For questions, comments, or just for a thank you, please leave a comment.

I am very sorry that some of you visited my blog in vain in the search for the promised shared deck. I corrected the link and uploaded the file to a different host. I should have checked the accessibility before posting the link but now it should hopefully work. Sorry for any inconvenience this might have caused you.

An Announcement

I thought it would be a nice idea to inform you all of an upcoming release of some of my newly created quiz decks. You can expect to see the decks probably by the end of this month. The decks will contain both vocabulary quizzes, N2 and old 2級, with about 2300 or more cards in each of them. The decks are separated into levels, and % of correct answers, so if you have a high percentage number you should now that it is a rather easy card. The other decks will contain mainly grammar exercises, N2 only, because it matters.

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