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Money Machine

Being a smoker automatically turns a person into a money machine. Think of the high taxes imposed on those who smoke, and at the rising prices of cigarette packages. In Japan, smokers have become the target for a new type of business, smoke-rooms. This is due to the fact that it is prohibited to smoke on the street. Some smart people who smell the money are now offering nicely furnished places, in which smokers can smoke, without harming anyone. It costs 50円 for 1 time use and 1800円 for 1 month. This is still cheaper than having to pay the fine of 2000円. This makes me wonder how much more money could be made from smokers, and how. If I had to pay to smoke, I would rather quit, and this is not hard at all. It also doesn’t cost any money to stop. This is only what the Quit-Smoking industry is making a living from, which must be as big as the Smoking industry. In fact there is no need for nicotine-replacement aids, books, fake cigarettes and what not. But each to his own, as the saying goes. Japan is not the best place to be for smokers, so why not make it a goal to quit, before you travel there?


I think this is going to make history as the longest blog title on this blog. It reads “Tokyo electric power Fukushima nuclear power plant accident investigation committee meeting” when translated. In case you are following the News on a regular basis, you probably have heard that a group to investigate the Fukushima disaster, has released a 646 page long report detailing causes of the nuclear power accident. As an outcome of this report, media is no longer talking about a 自然災害 (しぜんさいがい) natural disaster, but of a 人災 (じんさい) man-made one. You can find the report over at the NAIIC – National Diet of Japan Fukushima Nuclear Accident Independent Investigation commission website.

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Every country has its own dark past. There was war, murder, and violence. People were sometimes killed, raped, and murdererd in ways so gruesome, that there are no words to describe the horrible deaths they must have suffered. The history tells us about people who were butchered, or have been dying in medical experiments, for no other reason than to develop and test new deadly biological weapons. Thousands of people had to die in experiments to find proof for the superiority of one race over the other. The books are full of such deeds, carried out by human beings

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