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The Movies Method

If you are into PC gaming, you might have heard of this game, or maybe even had the chance to play it yourself. It is a game in which you can build your own Hollywood studio, write your own scripts, and create your own movies. So, what has this to do with learning Japanese, you ask me? And my answer is, it is yet another creative way, to add some fun to your learning experience. Since it’s not a new game, it should be rather cheap to get The Movies and its Add-On. Continue reading


The Japanese language, when looking at it from a learners point of view, can be seen as one large puzzle. Quite often you stare at your textbook of choice, and the clues will leave you puzzled, everything is a riddle. But you are a genius! A puzzle is there to be solved, not to diminish all your hopes, to be able to ever move on to the next one. There are many pieces, which, when brought together in the right way, will give you a clue. With this clue in hand you have solved one part of the overall gigantic meta-puzzle. Put another way, if you are looking at a grammar point, i will use the Volitional form as an example, what is the first thing you will see in your book? A cryptic explanation what a Volitional form is, what it is good for, and how to conjugate verbs to form it. You will also find a Conjugation table, which is part of our puzzle right there. You would want to memorize all the parts, but memorizing stuff isn’t very creative, and not very funny.

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