Re-Taking the N2

Since yesterday I was doing some good hard thinking about the JLPT. It is kind of weird. Even though I was learning intensively for the test, and practicing the acquired skills all around the Japanese web, in places only my browser history remembers for I don’t, I failed in the listening section. And the score for the reading section wasn’t that famous, earning me only a B there, I was considering my options.

Since the results are score only, pass or fail, it doesn’t give away much in terms of which and why questions have been answered wrong. Lucky me, though. The past test is available Online. So I will download it one of these days, re-do the test under testing conditions, and see how I do this time around, and thanks to the answer sheets, I will know which answers are wrong.

After that I will continue with the Kanji in Context workbook 2, take on writing again, which fell short the last couple of weeks. It shows, clearly, in that I use all the wrong particles in sentences, I keep trying to come up with the most suitable expressions, and its not coming readily. It isn’t exactly like back to square one, but it takes a considerable time to get things across. And I noticed what it did on my reading comprehension, because I haven’t had much time and no mental strength to that either.

As a result of all this, and since that little wake-up call of failing the test, I considered doing the following. I have received an invitation to come to Stuttgart to visit some friends there. Since Stuttgart is one of the cities that offers the JLPT, I could really go for another try on the N2, or straight to N1 which means that i’ll most likely be unprepared to a level I cannot hope to pass it. It would be an opportunity to do better. But knowing that I tend to do crazy things from time to time, it wouldn’t be that much of a surprise to say: “To hell with it, i’ll sign up today, tomorrow, or next week, and go for it.” We will see about that. Too bad, that in my country the test is only hosted once a year, they really have to change that.

9 responses to “Re-Taking the N2

  1. The past test is available online? Of all levels? Where did you find it?

    I was in Stuttgart last december and it was a really nice experience. The Christkindl-Markt should be reason enough to visit Stuttgart in december.

    When would you retake the N2? In july or december?

  2. Yes, it is available Online, for all levels. You can find them with Google on a Chinese website, to which I will not link here. I hope you understand. 🙂

    If it were I would re-take it in July, and in December the N1 as planned, but again here in Austria. In between July and December i’d like to make the trip to Japan. This will be between the end of September, or right at the beginning of October, but certainly until the beginning of November.

  3. Would you send me a link if I gave you a mail address? 🙂

    It would be a very nice birthday present 🙂

  4. Before my last physical breakdown I sent you an e-mail concerning the request. I hope it reached you. If not, I do need another mail address.

  5. Thank you very much for your mail!

    I didn’t saw it because I didn’t know gmail has a spam folder in which the mail was moved to.

    Perhaps it was considered to be spam after finding some links and japanese characters in it 🙂

  6. After looking into the link I was not able to find the JLPT questions, unfortunately … It seems, there are only answers and the audio transcript … I managed to register on the site and downloaded the package but it also contained only answers but no questions … Did I miss something? 🙂

    It’s funny, a website publishes multiple choice answers but doesn’t publishes questions … 🙂

  7. I’m afraid that was is there is all there is to be found. Let me know in case you found it yourself. If not, there are other sources, but no guarantee.

  8. The N1 is crazy tough, but don’t get your spirits down! If you wanna tackle it for the challenge, then I say go for it! But whether you for the the N2 or the N1, you’ll get some good studying in, I bet. 🙂

  9. Hi, angrygaijin! Thanks for leaving a reply, and sorry for my late answer to it!

    I promise I will not. Actually I merit the prospect of it being difficult as hell, and I expect no less. Pass or no, it will be the N1. 🙂

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