[Release] Kanji in Context Sentence Deck

I finished the first Kanji in Context Workbook, 94 chapters, 1700 cards, and a hundred grey hairs later, follows the release of the deck. The deck is structured in the following way.

– The word or words are on the front of the deck
– The sentence or sentences are on the back

There are words that I thought would need a definition, so there is a separate field called 意味 in this deck, which is on the back of the cards.

– The word or words are defined like this 肺胞 【はいほう】

In case of such a word, i chose to use a picture, to make clear what it means. I tried to find appropriate pictures, sometimes containing book titles, and sometimes an additional text for you to read. Sometimes I decided to add a short definition in Japanese, and if you find any errors or mistakes in them, you can blame me for it. In most cases, however, I decided to go with pictures, because they make clear what it is about.

– The dialogue sentences are spiced up with real names instead of A: B: A:

In any case, you find the reading for the names, if not written in Kana, in the meaning field for instance 明子 【あきこ】. There are certain cases in which I decided to add readings to the meaning field for words, that might be difficult to read, and in some cases I also added pictures for them wherever it was possible.

– This deck does not contain any Furigana

If you want them or feel the need to have them, you will have to add them there yourselves. This is why I kept the two fields Front and Back in the deck.

– Some decks contains more than one sentence for a particular word

You will sometimes find two sentences, an in one case even three, and there is a field for a fourth one also. Since there was no need for it, you can delete this field.

– The pictures don’t contain any naughty or otherwise disturbing content

In short this deck should be safe to use even for children aged 1 to 99. I even added pictures of books which I read a review off, to allow you to dig deeper into some of the content. I also would suggest you to drag out the pictures to google search, to look at the original sources, and to read some more about the content related to the pictures.

I put much thought into this deck and tried to avoid typing errors by checking and double checking the entry before submitting a card. And I must also say that Kanji in Context isn’t the best source for a sentence deck. There are numerous cases in which the sentences are very lengthy, or in some in which there are several sentences in succession. But all of them clearly show how the words are used, in which contexts you are most likely to find them, and many examples are drawn from sources like newspapers, or referring to real-life content.

Finally, here is the link to the Anki2 deck Dropbox I hate it … try to find a file-sharing platform these days that allows sharing and downloads, without having to register, but this one should work … If you haven’t updated Anki 1.2 to 2.0 now would be the perfect time for you to switch over to this new version. I hope that you will like the deck, and if there are any complaints about the quality of the deck, or if you find any errors or mistakes, or in case you just want to thank me, please leave a comment.

9 responses to “[Release] Kanji in Context Sentence Deck

  1. Did you consider to use a Dropbox account for sharing your Deck?

    I can remember CPTransom who studies Japanese and wrote some incredibly userful grammar lessons. He had the same problem of sharing it with the rest of the world without having to pay webhosting or something …

    He came up with the solution to drop his files in a Dropbox folder. Then, he could share links to files in his folder which are publicly and anonymously readable.

  2. Thanks for the suggestion! I have never considered it, no. The reason is that I don’t normally share any files. So there was little need to sign up for a service. For two decks, this one and the 2nd workbook which is in the making, a freely available service should do.

    I was just a little mad about it because I haven’t run a check, to see whether or not anyone could access the download. I did, but only after submitting this post, and then I had to do it 3 times, including updates, until I found one.

    I could have saved myself a lot of trouble, had I simply uploaded it via Anki, but I wanted to keep this deck somewhat exclusive, and decided against it.

  3. As always, thank you for your effort. So many benefit from your labour. so, cheers. I am trying to download this kanji in context deck. I went to the site and made an account, but it won’t let me know load. It saids cannot access file. Is the file still live?

    • It should still be there. On top of that there shouldn’t be no need to create an account in order to download the deck. I will set-up an account for Dropbox, re-upload it there, and then I will update the post. And I hope the deck will be accessible to everyone. If this doesn’t work, request the deck by leaving a comment, and a valid E-Mail account that accepts files. But I guess this will not be necessary … *keeps thumbs crossed*

      The file is now available via Dropbox. I hope it does work now. And a big sorry to all those who visited my blog in vain in the hopes to receive the promised deck.

  4. Thank you so much for uploading it to drop box. I was able to get it and have already started to use it. Thanks for being awesome! Cheers. 😀

    • どういたしまして!

      I’m glad that the download works now. And thank’s for the compliments, much appreciated! The other half of the deck should be up until the middle of next month. There are still 45 chapters. *ugh*

  5. thanks a bunch, that’s super useful mate! Hard work you did there 😉

    • Welcome!

      Thank you very much for taking your time to leave a comment! And sorry for the late reply, I wasn't feeling well, that's why. I'm glad that you like the deck, hope it will help in your studies! 🙂

      On a side-note, it hasn’t been a lot of work, or rather no work at all. Though this entry doesn’t reflect that it wasn’t, and was actually more fun than anything. *points up to the grey hair part.*

      The hunting for pictures, and what could be learned from the surrounding topics, was worth doing it. Except バブル経済 「けいざい」 bubble economy, maybe. I already knew, and read enough about it, so that I can say no more. *screaming: can’t take anymore of it! This learning was, what actually led to the creation of the deck, and the one that is still in the making. Without any intention to review it, or both, if I might add. 😉

  6. You can also use Ge.tt. It’s a nice host. http://ge.tt/46fHVLa/v/0

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