A Future Past


I am currently in the midst of working through Kanji in Context. Today I added all the sentences in chapter 50 of 94. In other words, over half of the work is done, and the rest will follow during the next couple of days. Which means that you can expect a release of the first workbook very soon so check back often. This deck will be released freely without the condition of owning the book. The reason is the way I added the material, so without the workbook itself, or the main book containing all the Vocabulary, I bet you wouldn’t have much fun with this one.

Not done with the project, I already found a new one, that is going to be a little more fun than typing up sentences from Kanji in Context. Although this exercise has merits. Aristotle put it in this way: How does one acquire virtue? By repetition …” The new project will not be so repetitive and truly funny, because it is all copy&paste, and a deck I hope will help those who just started to read Japanese. They will get both a translation and Japanese sentences, so even though they might not be able to read the Japanese, they can always look at the translation on the back of the card.

The general structure will be close to my Kanji in Context deck. A word, or words, in Kanji on the front without readings, one or two sentences on the back, and explanation of selected words in Japanese, readings of words that might be considered difficult, 彼岸寺 【ひがんてら】 and in some cases pictures to make clear the meaning of some of the words. There are no translations for any of the words there at all in the deck, which I consider as being unproductive. With this structure, and the exception that there will be a full translation coming in pictures, without translating single words or whole sentences, there will still be some challenge to it for those picking up the deck to learn from. But it will not be that hard, because the sentences are not long, and should be understandable even without much translation going on.

What is left to do for this year is to look back and say farewell to the old year, to look forward to the challenges that awaits me in the next, and to be thankful that nothing bad has happened to my loved ones. Can’t say the same for some of my acquaintances, they have had their fair share of trouble and struggles, which I hope will change for the better soon. My wish list for the next year will be very short, because the most I can hope for is to stay as healthy as is currently the case, without my condition to worsen any further, and that I will be able to visit Japan as planned.

My resolutions are to keep doing the way I’m doing with Japanese studies, and also to get more intimate with some programming concepts needed, to write an application for a chat RPG I started playing recently. The good thing will be that it can be done using both Japanese and C# plus Lua. I have already written some adventures for my personal fun with it, but this will involve some more knowledge and graphics, which I don’t have any experience with so far. It will be interesting. My goals, although not set in stone, is N1 or the highway. Meaning in december either in Japan or again in Vienna. My hope is a pass of the N2, still keeping my fingers crossed for that one, but we’ll see.

I wish all of my readers a happy new year, and hope for them that it will be a good and successful one!

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