ぐずぐずするのは時間の泥棒。 In that sense, all I got done lately was wasting time, reading some stuff on the web, blogs mostly, writing and leaving comments here and there, listened to some radio shows, watched some hews and reviews, slaying a fine follower of mine with walls of text, and continued to play エストポリス伝説. It doesn’t feel very rewarding at all, doing almost nothing, and not having the slightest what to do next. It is clear that I needed a break to consider my next steps. The two weeks to think about it are almost over, and yet I haven’t been able to make a clear decision.

I started working with Kanji in Context, again. For the sole reason to get accustomed to Anki2 on the one hand, and to do something in Japanese which needs a little concentration and effort on my side. Both things, typing in words and sentences, might not be too good, because there is little gain in this. Creating new cards for it isn’t either. At best it is a waste of time, even though it doesn’t take ages to enter some sentences, just a chapter every other day. I will not review any of it anyway, that would be even more a waste of time. Maybe I’ll just do it for the sake of doing it. The best reason to do something sometimes is just doing it. And it is better to do something so simple and dull, and keep myself entertained on the side with videos or something of that nature, than doing nothing meaningful at all.

If anything, the Kanji in Context Workbooks are limited in size and content, so I can fully focus on that. Some sort of retreat from the huge amount of real life Japanese content available, that would require to choose one or two items, and keep at it for an extended amount of time. 根気を鍛える方法をお教えください・・・・。 And it might be something that other learners can profit from, once my deck is finished. As I said already, I will not start to review it, but others might. We’ll see. Other than that I can’t think of anything to do right now.

2 responses to “Procrastination

  1. I think you deserved it do a little break 🙂 Every athlete needs a break after an exhausting tournament and JLPT N2 is definitely one 🙂 Don’t be so hard an you and try to enjoy … And if I understood you correctly, it’s not the case that you weren’t busy doing some Japanese stuff at all … 🙂

  2. Hi Thomas!

    You are probably right. And it is true that nothing depends on it. I do it for myself after all, because I wanted to learn the language for such a long time. So the best thing do to is to give myself some time to relax, and do some things I wanted to do on the side. 🙂

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