Fujitsu – And the German Pirate Party

Today I read an article about a new Fujitsu laptop on a daily newspaper website. The company released a new Notebook series for female customers in Japan. Nothing special about it, or is there? A member of the German Pirate Party found out about it. In a press release she was complaining about he stereotypical picture of women Fujitsu came up with to advertise for their new product. Silly, isn’t it? But wait! This is not the end of the story.

The Pirate Party member, and candidate for the German Bundestag Anke Domscheit-Berg, is also complaining about the horoscope service, provided by nifty, for you must know that women who read horoscope must be dumb. Of course. And if this was not enough, she also hopes that this product will fail. And here is the funny part of the story. This product isn’t likely to be released in Europe anyway. For one thing there is the cloud service, the SNS application, services provided by Japanese companies. And still someone with too much time, in the heart of Europe, who doesn’t know the least about the target market in Japanese, about Japanese, is making a fuzz about a Japanese product, for Japanese women. How do you like that? I hope you get as good a laugh as I did when I first read about the story.

2 responses to “Fujitsu – And the German Pirate Party

  1. So first of all let me say that I agree that Anke Domscheit Berg probably doesn’t speak japanese and probably knows nothing about japanese culture and that her comments on a product which probably won’t be released in Europe have no significance. Also I agree there’s more stuff she should care about than a horoscope service on nifty.

    All that still doesn’t change the fact that this commercial (which is the only thing I’m basing this statement on) is stressing a certain role expectation for women that is kinda sexist and offended me and all japanese women I showed it to so far.
    It depicts the typical (backwards) japanese view of women: In the kitchen.. at the cafe the bedroom… looking for bags…shopping….making collages of bags…taking pictures and blogging about manicure…and shopping for some more bags..Yep that’s the only way women can use a pc.
    And of course not at work, were the product could easily shine as well, nope she is too busy shopping and being beautiful, doing womenly stuff..

    Nothing against the cute & elegant design, it really looks gorgeous, nothing against pink colours, but “feminine pink”? *sigh*. Enough men like Pink just as much.

    You don’t need to know anything about Japan to see all this and if you know enough about japan or are Japanese it’s even more aggravating. I can’t see how stating these obvious things is silly

  2. Welcome!

    First of all I would like to thank you for taking the time to leave such a thought provoking comment.

    I find the complaint silly because it is coming from a person not even remotely affected by it. This is something I see happen more and more frequently these days. Those with the least reason to raise their voice to complain about things, do. And those who would have every reason to complain seldomely do, or aren’t heard or being taken serious, as an outcome. That said, she can have her opinion, but wishing the product to fail, or projecting her worldviews to another country, expecting that the people there have to comply with it, is going way too far.

    The commercial is indeed full of cliché. On the other hand there is enough evidence to see that there is a rather large number of women in Japan fitting into the picture. You can find it on vlogs, personal blogs, and of course in womens magazine. Considering that there is a target market, and the advertisement is there to reach it, I can see nothing wrong.

    I also don’t think that any sane person is basing their views of women on what they have seen in an advertisement. This would be sad indeed. 😉

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