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During the last couple of months, I was working my butt off, to prepare myself as best as I can for the big test. Except one thing, listening comprehension exercises. I thought that there is no need for it, and this is still the way I think about it. The only thing one can do for listening comprehension, is listening. Thanks to the wonderful people at NHK 高校講座 and their programme for highschool children, I also acquired skills in active listening, and answering questions after an episode of roughly 20 minutes. Not one of the listening sections on the test will be that long, so there shouldn’t be any problem on the real test to keep the information, without having to take notes. Which, for me, is rather distracting. Since there are only two days left, and little old me aiming to use the remaining time wisely, this is what I’m currently doing.

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The Big Day is Close

The last couple of days were full of stress for me. I had to buy some utensils for the big test this coming Sunday, book my train tickets, print out my voucher, access maps, subway maps, maps containing taxi stands in front of the train station, in short it was horrible. You would not think how difficult it is, to obtain all the information, to book two tickets for a train, and to find timetables for subways.

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Fujitsu – And the German Pirate Party

Today I read an article about a new Fujitsu laptop on a daily newspaper website. The company released a new Notebook series for female customers in Japan. Nothing special about it, or is there? A member of the German Pirate Party found out about it. In a press release she was complaining about he stereotypical picture of women Fujitsu came up with to advertise for their new product. Silly, isn’t it? But wait! This is not the end of the story.

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