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I grew up in the heyday of the home computer boom. One of the first systems my parents bought was a C-64. My cousin, she had an Atari 2600 console, we used to play when she was out of school, during the weekends, or generally when the weather was too bad to go outside. We didn’t sit there for hours to play away, as children use to do nowadays, we preferred to play outside with the children in our neighborhood. In the years between growing up and becoming an adult I collected a huge number of games, consoles from Nintendo, Sony, Sega, and also some portable systems, but also PCs. In recent years my wish to play died down considerably, and only since I started to learn Japanese I came back to this hobby. With the high number of games available, it is always difficult for me to decide to pick and choose one, and play away.

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Here is another one of those websites I finished reading almost completely. This one is called It is about hot topics from all over the world, art, creativity, touching stories, media, and what not. The good thing is that almost all articles published there are linked to the orignal articles. Most of the articles link to English websites, but I think I have also seen some Dutch, Swedish and French ones. So, in case you don’t understand something that’s written in Japanese, you can always check your understanding by visiting the original sources. *Lucky*


The time for the big test draws closer and closer, and I think that my preparations for it start to bear fruit. The last months have been a marathon, working through book after book, huge vocabulary lists, listening and watching native Japanese media, working through various NHK courses, mostly about Art and related topics, swallowing the basics of Quantum mechanics, and various other things I think the big day can come. The last book to prepare myself for it was どんな時どう使う日本語表現文型, and I promised to release my material to aid those who own the 改訂版 (かいていばん) the revised edition of the book.

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22 Down 8 to Go

There is only a small number of chapters left in どんな時どう使う. I was working through one chapter per day, with a day or two to relax during the last 22 chapters, so it should only take 8 days to finish this book. I don’t plan to work with other any of the other books. It would also make little sense to start working with yet another book, with more than 12 books already done, the whole Core-Plus deck almost finished, reading through the Dictionaries of Basic and Intermediate Japanese Grammar twice, over a half of A Dictionary of Advanced Grammar, working through, and creating thousands of flashcards for, the 日本語総まとめ books, and spending countless hours to listen, read books, consuming media, watch Anime, play roleplaying games, Visual Novels, starting to write in Japanese, and so on.

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History meets Videogame

Today I finished lesson 20 of 30 in どんな時どう. At the end of the lesson I shut down my computer, and after finishing todays Anki reviews on my Notebook, I went Online to read some video game reviews. One of the ones I read was アレックス・キッド, a jump&run game, in which you are supposed to punch and kick your way through various levels, to save Alex father who is being held captive by ジャン・アシュレー.

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