The Big Adventure

Every time I think of my journey to Japan I become more and more excited. Soon after I talked to someone about my plans, and it soon turned out that she would also love to go. She almost made to it Japan once, but had to cancel, because she was too afraid to fly. Too bad, but I didn’t want to give up. Luckily, one of my superb followers commented in one of my other posts, and suggested she should take pills. I suggested it to her, and she agreed that she would try. So we were two. After some more talk in a chat channel with people I got to like very much, someone else heard about our journey, and showed interest in joining us. The more, the merrier! A party of 3 people, sharing their love in Japan, able to speak Japanese at various degrees, and the plan to go there for some time. It really can’t get any better, or so I thought. Then, a week or two later, yet another one joined our little party. As of now, we are 5 people, who will travel Japan next year, and stay there for some months.

But wait, did I just say 5 people? Yes, indeed. We are going to be five, because one of the participants will take along her son, he is still a child of 8. I don’t mind, because I think it will be a great adventure for the little one, too. Since we are so many people, I suggested that we could rent an apartment somewhere in Japan, and the others agreed. One person in our party, let’s call her Lia, knows some native Japanese living in her area. This could turn out to be invaluable, just in case we need a guarantor, who is willing to help us out. Depending on the prefecture the person is living in, we are going to look for an apartment there. Otherwise we don’t know where we are going to stay, and it will not be easy to decide, because there are so many beautiful places to stay all over Japan. At least we don’t need to hurry to make our final decision, with, or without a guarantor.

Our plans for traveling around in Japan are also very vague at the moment. The only thing we agreed upon is that we are going to stay away from the tourist traps, and overcrowded places, to be able to experience the “real Japan”. One of us wants to meet a Japanese master of sword making who has his workshop in Tokyo. Her dream is to become his apprentice. She is a blacksmith from profession. I just hope from the bottom of my heart that her dream can come true. One of the others is planning to study for a year in Japan. His plan is more likely to succeed, but we will see about that. The third member of the party has no plans at all, he just wishes to go to Japan, to have a great time there with the rest of us. He is also the only one who doesn’t speak or know any Japanese. I just have plans to visit one or two places to meet some people there. Maybe I will even go so far as to sign up for the N1 next year in december. I mean, taking the big test, which I was planning to take anyway in Japan, how nice would that be?

The one person who doesn’t know any Japanese, lets call him Casio, will be our driver. At first I was planning to drive, which was before I knew that others would join me, which wouldn’t have been such a good idea. Even though they exist, most cars in Japan are automatic, and I have never driven a car with automatic before. Casio, on the other hand, is a seasoned truck driver who can handle both, gear shift and automatic. Lia will be our cook, she knows how to make 26 Japanese dishes. I will most likely pay the rent for our apartment once we have one. And our other party member will most likely pay for the food. We will see what other tasks we are going to share and who does what.

The only thing I worry about right now is Lias determination to starve on behalf of her child, so her little one can get enough food, just in case her money runs out. I’m not close to her in any way, but before this happens, I’ll pay for their expenses, round trips, restaurant bills and so on. She doesn’t know about it, but I hinted that I would take care if it has to be. We all are going to help each other out in any situation, and we should be able to rely on each other, so there is no question for me that I’d pay for her in such an unfortunate situation. All I hope for is that we are going to have the time of our life once we get there. But with these fine people I don’t have to worry a bit about it.

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