I bet you never heard of this coined word before. It could stem from me, but the truth is, it doesn’t. I like to make up my own words for some languages, for instance instead of saying Japanese, I would use Japan, or Frankreich, France. To give you a concrete example, instead of saying something like … 日本語を勉強して、歌詞が分かれば、映画の鑑賞が深まりそうで、漫画と小説も購入したいです。

I would leave 語 out and say 日本を勉強して、 … If I want to say Ich spreche Französisch, Spanisch, or Finnisch, I would say I speak Frankreich, Spanien, フィンランド. In case you wonder, this mix of languages is, what this topic is all about. Japanglish is an art project, a poem in both Japanese in English, which is a funny mix. A part of the sentence is spoken in Japanese, and the other in English, which is why the creators christened it Japanglish. You can watch the video in Japanese, English and Japanglish. I would also suggest you to visit the main website, for more stories, and lots of other creative stuff.

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