An Announcement

I thought it would be a nice idea to inform you all of an upcoming release of some of my newly created quiz decks. You can expect to see the decks probably by the end of this month. The decks will contain both vocabulary quizzes, N2 and old 2級, with about 2300 or more cards in each of them. The decks are separated into levels, and % of correct answers, so if you have a high percentage number you should now that it is a rather easy card. The other decks will contain mainly grammar exercises, N2 only, because it matters.

For vocabulary, with the purpose of testing vocabulary knowledge, it doesn’t matter whether it is 2級 or N2, so I figured creating decks for both will be best. I will also release a huge pile of resources, both audio and video, as well as written text only, once all links are sorted. Audio of the sort of natural conversations, such as on the telephone, in a restaurant, approximately 900 hours of audio and transcripts alone, and not to forget hundreds of gigabytes of videos. The stuff is a bit all over the place so to say, so because you should access the relevant content, there is no way around for me to sort it all out first and to filter a little bit, before making it public.

I will publish the details for downloading the decks once I’m done. So, please keep an iApple open, for the upcoming releases.

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