This is a Warning

Two days ago I received a call from the test center during my absence. I have already written about it in another article, Confusion, but here is a summary for those who haven’t read it. I was informed that something went wrong with my application, and when I tried to call and ask what the problem was, the person on the other end of the line couldn’t help me. Luckily I sent another mail asking what exactly went wrong, and yesterday I received the answer. One of the problems was that the pictures were missing, which they warned me about in the invoice. After looking into the envelope, they found them, which solved problem number one. The thing with the pictures was only a personal problem. But the other is a common one, I want to warn all of you about.

There was really something wrong in my application, and you will never guess what it was. It was only a single number not written according to the high standards expected from applicants. In my case it was the number 7. Yes, only a single number was not written neatly or accurately enough or according to some standard, so that my application couldn’t be accepted. This is why I was asked to fill out the application once more. But I also got the offer from the test center, that if I wish they would fill it out for me, which I gladly accepted of course. But let this be a warning, fill out the application as accurately as possible, look at how the numbers are written in the application guide, check every letter on the application twice, before sending it. If not, the same thing that happened to me, could also happen to you, meaning you have to fill out all the papers once more.

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