[Beginners Resource] Vocabulary and Dialogues

Here is another resource for those among my readers who just started out learning Japanese. At the Tokyo University of Foreign Language Study website you can learn Vocabulary, presented as a list according to topic, for instance 道 (みち), with a group of words like 橋 (はし), bridge、交差点 (こうさてん) crossing、車 (くるま) car、to memorize. After memorizing and a click on 次へ (つぎへ), next, you hear a word 3 times, and you can then have an example sentence for each of the words read for you. If you want to you can figure out the sentence by reading it first, and afterwards listen to the example sentence.

You can also learn dialogs grouped into several topics, for instance 挨拶 (あいさつ), greetings. After choosing a topic of interest, you can first watch a video with Japanese subtitles, and then read the script and listen to one sentence at a time. You can also read the script first and then watch the videos and speak along. All dialogs are spoken in native speed so it will probably take some time getting used to.

Even though this might be harder for you in the beginning, you should keep listening and watching until you understand. Most of the textbook resources are spoken in a very slow speed which makes learning easier, but on the other hand it makes the transition into native media, or even more advanced learning resources rather difficult. This is why it is best for you to get used to natural speaking speed right from the get go. It can surely get you a head start, just don’t give up and keep going!

2 responses to “[Beginners Resource] Vocabulary and Dialogues

  1. I noticed the site has offerings in other languages too, which is great for me, since I’m more advanced in my Japanese than in my Chinese. 😀

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Thank you for mentioning it! Yes, there are in fact lessons in languages such as Russian, Italian, Korean, Chinese, and others. But since this is mainly a language learners blog of Japanese, it didn’t come to me to link this resource as well.

    There are also 24 or 48 Japanese lessons I didn’t link to. With self-learners in mind, I wasn’t too sure whether or not I should link to them, because they might be too difficult for beginners. Everything is explained in Japanese and there are no translations available.

    Since both could be useful I will add the relevant links later. The websites seems to be down for some reason, so I can’t add them right away. 🙂

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