Two days ago I handed in my application. It took only one day to reach the test center. Today I received a call from the test center which I couldn’t answer personally. I was out almost all day. When I got home I was told that something in my application was wrong and I got worried. The first thing I did was to call the test center. The person answering my call was a foreigner and very hard to understand. He asked me for some course number, or application number, which I didn’t have or know. So we agreed that they would call me back. During the time of my wait I checked my inbox and found a bill, which only added to my confusion, after reading it.

It contained a notice: 2 Fotos fehlen, 2 pictures are missing. Which couldn’t be of course, I sent them with the three application forms, and the two copies of the voucher. I even sent 4, in 2 different sizes, just to make sure that everything is alright and I don’t have to sent it again. After having read the mail, I wrote another and asked once again what went wrong with my application, and for the reason of the call during the morning. To be absolutely sure I once again called the test center to ask. The information I got was, that I am signed up for the test, so the application and everything else must have been in order.

The only thing left is sending money. Which I already sent, the same day I sent the application, which they haven’t received yet. Even though I have the confirmation that I’m signed up, according to the person who hopefully understood what I was asking and explaining to him, I’m still not too sure. Maybe they are going to give me another call, or maybe I will call them again, hoping that this time someone else will answer my call who is fully able to understand me.

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