CorePlus is History

As of today the JLPT1 word list in my corePlus deck is history. This was the last part of this deck I was planning to learn and review, and also the biggest, with roughly 3000 words. So much for this deck with once 25705 cards and now only 16284 remaining cards. And now, what …? It is exactly what I wanted to reach, I reached it, but I’m not happy about it, not one bit. Maybe I got so used to learn that it doesn’t mean anything to me anymore. The little successes that kept me going even in times when I had difficulty understanding the material I was learning with. Maybe it’s because it is because the little successes, and sometimes also the big successes aren’t needed anymore? It is just that I miss the feeling of having achieved something difficult.

Time moves on, and even though I still feel lost in a sea of words unknown to me, and that no matter how many more things I learn, it will never be enough. But there are still those little things that are making me smile, and yes, even a little proud of myself. For instance being able to understand what they are singing in the video called 硝子の棺で眠る姫君, written and performed by Sound Horizon, on their album Märchen. It has only taken 24 times of listening to get most of it. The part 宵闇の迫る陰が、進む道を呑み込んでゆく、迷い込んだ見知らぬ森の、小さな可愛いお家 and the ones the hunter, the witch, and later on the prince was singing were particularly difficult to understand. Now I have another favorite, and my rather small list of Japanese singers and bands that I like, has grown a little. Before I forget it, below is the video with said song, I hope you’ll enjoy it.

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