Travel Schedule

Next year will be my first visit to Japan. Since it is never too early to plan ahead of time, I decided to write something about my plans for next year. The most likely dates of my visit are from September to January, or from October to February. In this time I plan to make a round trip, with my first stay in Nara, then off to 長崎, 九州, 広島, 京都, and 新潟. The visit to 新潟 would be in February, in case I decide to go between October and February. At that time there is a festival there called 豪雪JAM. From what I have seen it is exactly what I like, crazy guys playing crazy music on a snow stage.

Other than that I do also want to visit some rural, and more quiet places, to relax. An 温泉 somewhere in the mountains would be nice. New Years I’d like to visit the 東京スカイツリー, as one of the big highlights. This is a very rough schedule at the moment, and depending on whether or not I’m going to travel there alone or with someone else, it could change significantly in the upcoming months. And I really hope that the other person will travel along, as she likes Japan as much, as I do. Though her problem is that she is suffering from aviatophobia. She would have traveled to Japan already, and at the time she already had the tickets, but at the day of the flight she panicked and had to cancel the flight. She said she would work on the problem, and I really wish her that she’ll make it, together it is more fun. If all else fails, and she can’t overcome her fear, I’ll try the caveman method. Knock her unconscious with a big wooden club, and when she comes to, we will already be in Japan. *笑う*

3 responses to “Travel Schedule

  1. How are you able to go to japan for a few months at a time. Does your job permit that? What country are you originally from? Why doesn’t your friend simply ask her doctor for anxiety drugs. I don’t have much of a problem flying but because the flight was so long and I was leaving my family and friends behind I thought I’d be nervous and jittery. I asked my doctor for a small subscription of xanex or something like that. I put two of them in my wallet and the subscription bottle in my luggage that would be stored away under the plane that way it didn’t seem like I was trying to smuggle drugs. Many people do this and flight attendants understand the anxiety with flying. I took one pill once I entered the longer stretch of the flight and had a beer. It calmed me down significantly. I think I had a second half as well which is what my doctor said to do. Just a suggestion.

  2. prescription sorry. not subscription. I’m kind of tired at the moment.

  3. I’m from Austria, retired, and as long as my health condition allows it, it is no problem.

    Thanks for your suggestion. I will tell her, and hope she will do it, so she can come with me. She is a blacksmith, and for her it would be like a dream to be able to visit Japanese master sword-makers, which she is very interested in. 🙂

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