JLPT Hauntings

Tonight I had another one of those weird dreams. It was a day or two before the actual JLPT started. My city, in which the dream JLPT should be held, is only 5 km. away. I made my preparations for the big day, but forgot one thing, and that was the 2HB pencils, an eraser, and a pencil sharpener. No problem, because I knew there was a store on the way and I have my driver stop by to let me off there. The actual day of the JLPT came, and I was waiting outside my house, for my driver to arrive. There was also another Lady, probably in her 60s. I didn’t know her but she, too, was planning to take this test. As did some others who sat in the car. Incidentally, two of the other passengers also forgot to buy their writing utensils, and when we arrived at the store we got off together. The place the JLPT was held was within walking distance, so the driver could park the car in the garage and we would meet in the building.

This was the point the dream turned into a nightmare. We were walking into the shop, and I walked straight to the pencils, when the clerk started talking to me. “So, what is it you want?”, and I tell him “A pencil 2HB, an eraser, and a sharpener”. He sneered at me, and told me “Let’s see, if I have it, I’ll sell it to you”. He had it, I saw it, I already took what I needed. All I had to do was walking to the counter and pay. On the way there I had to walk by the calculator shelf. The more expensive models were stored under glass. It hit me, and I thought that I could also need a calculator for the test, and told the clerk I wanted one. The man behind the counter came to me, “So, you also want a calculator, ey?”, very unfriendly, “Well, I don’t, they are all sold out”. “But”, i insisted, and he cut off my word. This cost 15 or 20 minutes, until he finally let me have a calculator, and I could head off.

When I got to the room the test was held in, I was trying to be as quiet as I possibly could, so not to disturb the other test takers. As we all know, in case you disturb other test-takers, you have to leave the room and the test is over. They were already in the middle of the listening part, the quick answer section, and all I could do was flipping through the pages to find the point to get some points. I couldn’t, because it was a mix of grammar, vocabulary, some graphs, 10 pictures with various parts marked, and reading sections. I got nervous, and something made a loud noise, all my stuff dropped on the floor. Nobody noticed it, maybe the CD was too loud, but for me it was like hell no, now the test is over. Not that I had a chance to get any points, or solve any questions, because I was too late. Then, I woke up, and you can imagine how relieved I was that it was only a dream.

I am not good at oneiromancy, but the meaning was clear. I have to send the application, which I couldn’t last week, but will do tomorrow. So the reason for the dream must have been that I want to get things that need to be done are out-of-the-way, which in this case didn’t happen. And I don’t want to risk to lose my place, all the time studying, and then I can’t take the test, because the mail arrived too late. No danger, though, since the deadline is September 19. Normally it takes 2 days until the mail reaches its destination so no sweating. Still, I have to send it, and then I just have to wait to receive my test voucher with all the necessary information on it. My subconscious just doesn’t like any delays, hence this dream, and who knows what else it was good for?

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