[Day 5] Kanzen Master

The fifth day of working with 新完全マスター2級文法 is over, and I really come to like this book, it is great. The results of the short tests after every lessons on the other hand are not particularly good. For most of the lessons I got more than half of the answers right, but I hate to have the other ones wrong for two reasons. The first is that I look at the 4 possible answers, take into consideration what I just learned, and choose the wrong one. In most cases the reason for this is because one of two possible answers appears to be correct, the differences are very small, but only one is correct. After checking the answers in the back of the book, and after re-reading the sentences I got wrong, it is clear why my choice was wrong.

I don’t even have to look at the description of the grammar points to know it. The other reason for getting answers wrong, even though I should know and almost choose the correct answer is, answer patterns. If two of three answers are already b, and the third is b and would be correct, but a does look more correct, I instinctively choose a or c. For no better reason than this valuable points are getting lost. Still, I learn from the mistakes, which is most important. Once all the exercises and lessons are finished, I can use the excel spreadsheet to work on the problem points. Doing the exercises in the back of the book will surely help as well. But I have yet to reach that point, which is about 3 or 4 weeks away from today.

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