I Quit

About 20 days ago I decided to start with the Core10K deck. This deck consists of nearly 9800 cards, of which I reviewed around 2870 cards so far. Reviewing at a pace of a hundred cards per day, and not reviewing daily but when cards are due, caused some 300 extra reviews per day. I don’t like to give up something that I started already, and even though it takes 30 to 40 minutes extra per day only for these additional reviews, with the so-called time-boxing sessions I prefer to use, it just got too much. Reviewing basics is all good and fine, having a deck with audio is also great, and the folks that did all the hard work deserve to be thanked for it, but I quit reviewing it.

This was no easy decision, and I considered several other options, but every one of them leads to the same outcome. Several extra reviews per day, if I decide to keep adding a 100 cards per day, but delete them after two or three sessions. Or I review a 100 per day, and delete them at the end of the session. Ultimately it comes down to the fact that I can spend more time on real material after giving up on the deck, which is more important than keep going and feel bored to no end. This is really the first time I felt bored, and rather than something that can easily be done on the side, it already started becoming a chore. This is a better decision, and maybe I shouldn’t have started with the deck in the first place.

2 responses to “I Quit

  1. I recently started the core 6000 step one just because I need to build vocab and it seemed the best way I could easily see results. IT was only 1200 cards and probably only 300 actual vocab words with about 4 variations for each word. I’ve even felt too many dam reviews already but I just loosened up my ratings of the cards and click that I know them because I know its going to come up in another variation any way. So by let them by pass I eventually hit them all multiple times and get it eventually without impeding progress.

  2. Yes, that is a very effective strategy, since you are not only going to see most of the words in the wild anyway, you are also eventually going to use any amount of the words in writing or speaking.

    In my case, it wasn’t so much that there is really a need for doing the deck in the first place, I wanted to do it and see were it gets me. Having done and finished Core2K / Core6K / Kanji Odyssey Steps 1 and 2, and having learned thousands of words that are not in any deck, it is still the best option to simply stop.

    Another option I considered was to space them out, on easy 5 months, or something like that. Or do a comparison between this deck and CorePLUS, though this didn’t work out because the differences between both decks are too significant. Or i’m just too stupid to do it right.

    Bottom line, quitting saved me at least 30 minutes of additional workload, and the reviews for my other decks are below or slightly above 30 minutes overall.

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