The Kanzen Master

Yesterday was a rather slow start with the 新完全マスター2級文法 book. All I got done was the introduction and half of the how to use part. This alone has taken 2 hours, for which my headaches are to blame. Today I got around to work on the first couple of grammar points and answering around 25 to 30 test questions. It was all very easy to understand, and the explanations are to the point. One or two lines describing how the grammar is used, in which situation, what precedes and follows it, and some details about when and where it shouldn’t be used. This is only just the beginning, but so far I like working with the book. I am still glad that before this book I read through all of どんなときどう使う500 N5-1, the Dictionaries of Basic, Intermediate, and more than half of the Advanced Japanese books. I think that doing it made the beginning just that much easier. I hope this will stay this way until the end of the book, but I think it will, since this book has a very good reputation. And as far as I can say it seems to be well deserved.

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