Anki Status

The reviews per day are increasing rapidly. Today, of all days in the short 1 year history since I started using Anki, was the one with the highest review number. 1115 cards. The good thing is, that I am nearly done with the JLPT N1 vocabulary part of the CorePlus deck. It looks like that it will take another 15 days from today, before I have this part down, which marks the end of my adding cards from this deck. What would be left, that might, or might not be interesting to keep adding, are maybe the Homophone and the Suru parts. The Suru part is down to 1169 of 2029 cards, and the Homophone part is down to 3078 right now. I don’t really feel like finishing these parts anytime soon, because I will lower the number of new cards to 20 per day, if at all. The deck is down to 17224 cards from 25705, which I started to review exactly 7 months ago. A long way if you ask me.

As long as it doesn’t interfere with my preparatory work for the N2, it will be fine, but there is also another deck that I want to finish. The Core10K deck, this time, with Audio, Kanji on the front and sentence on the front. Hardly any work for the most part, because I have seen and know it all. It is just for the audio now, so I go easy with pushing the very easy button. With a rate of 100 new cards per day, I hope that this will be finished within the next 3 months. This deck is down to 7844 cards, from 9624 cards already. I started to review this bugger 24 days ago, so the 3 months are within reach. All my other decks are down to 34 reviews at max, so they are done in no time.

What is reassuring, is that I have seen more words in the wild already that are in one of the decks, than in the decks before I saw them in the wild. Makes it a good reinforcement for what I have already seen. Though I wish it would be easier for the words to stick tight. Not that I am hoping to remember all the words, but, no pain no gain as the old saying goes. I’ll just keep up with it as long as it has to be. The only thing I will not do is recommend reviewing such insanely high numbers of cards, or working with decks that are guaranteed to cause you high reviews somewhere down the line, if you easily burn out.

2 responses to “Anki Status

  1. where exactly can i download the anki japanese core deck. i don’t know where and can’t seem to find it. i need some help please.

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