JLPT N2 – Step 2

The application in my country for this years december exam is open. That is, it was already open since last month, but thanks to the place I indent to take it, hasn’t sent me the mail to inform me about. Although they promised to do it, they didn’t. Since it is also the only place offering it, I have to live with the fact, and start the application process for it this week.

The first thing to do is printing out the five forms. Then I will have to read the application guide, because without it, filling in all the necessary details is impossible. Next I will have to make some pictures, 2 as it looks, which will cost around 4€. Then I will also have to wire the money to the test site, 75€. And while I’m at it, I will also reserve a hotel room for some days, because I plan to stay in Vienna before and after the test date. Not that I have to, because Vienna is not so far a way from the place I live, but because some sightseeing in Vienna is always a nice thing to do. There is also someone whom I’d like to meet, and promised to take me on a tour, so a good time is almost guaranteed. I also think that, after having taken the test, some relaxation will be well deserved.

Between then and now, there is still so much to learn, and from next week I will begin to work through the remaining JLPT preparation books. I would like to finish them by the end August, or mid September if it has to be. Working through both 新完全マスター2級文法 and 読解 books will take at least 4 weeks in order to do it properly and without haste. With these books out-of-the-way, there are only the 実力アップ日本語能力試験 文のルール and 聴解 books, and last but not least the 合格できる日本語能力試験2級 test book. This means that I will be quite busy during the next months. The last couple of weeks I have done nothing but reading books, listening to podcasts, playing games, watching variety shows, news, Anime, and playing some retro games like ロックマンエグゼ 1. This was enough to regain energy and to get back to learning with fully powered batteries. I am really looking forward to get back to my books to study. I just hope I will manage to finish everything up, and still have time to work on weak spots should I discover any.

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