Money Machine

Being a smoker automatically turns a person into a money machine. Think of the high taxes imposed on those who smoke, and at the rising prices of cigarette packages. In Japan, smokers have become the target for a new type of business, smoke-rooms. This is due to the fact that it is prohibited to smoke on the street. Some smart people who smell the money are now offering nicely furnished places, in which smokers can smoke, without harming anyone. It costs 50円 for 1 time use and 1800円 for 1 month. This is still cheaper than having to pay the fine of 2000円. This makes me wonder how much more money could be made from smokers, and how. If I had to pay to smoke, I would rather quit, and this is not hard at all. It also doesn’t cost any money to stop. This is only what the Quit-Smoking industry is making a living from, which must be as big as the Smoking industry. In fact there is no need for nicotine-replacement aids, books, fake cigarettes and what not. But each to his own, as the saying goes. Japan is not the best place to be for smokers, so why not make it a goal to quit, before you travel there?

4 responses to “Money Machine

  1. They don’t enforce those laws at all and I’ve smoked standing right on top of where they have spray-painted a red circle with a line through it over a cigarette. I’m not saying I’m a bad ass I’m just saying I had no idea because people were smoking. I know of these smoking rooms but they are over crowded and disgusting. For example if you go to Hachiko in Shibuya lots of people will be sitting around smoking and right next to that will be a packed and disgusting smoking room. Because its legal to smoke in every single facility, like arcades with kids in them, I’d never use the smoking box, I’d just go into a coffee shop, arcade, bar, or anywhere really. Where I live in America you can’t even smoke in bars, which is truly hard on smokers.

  2. Thank you for taking the time to share your own experience!

    My impression from reading, listening, and watching related media so far was, that Japanese authorities are rather strict. So strict that even a minor offense gets severly punished. Of course, this is an outside observation, and the reality is always different than the media makes us believe. Next year I will make my first trip to Japan, then I will see how it really is. *yay*

    In my own country, smoking in restaurants and cafés is prohibited, when they are too small for a seperate smoking area. Smoking on the street will also be banned before soon. But we are still better off than the US, according to some stories from my relatives, and some friends who live in various parts of the US. They told me about their problem to smoke in the open.

    As far as I remember, some of my Kiwi friends told me, that in their hometown smoking in the open is also forbidden. Even on the front porch of their houses. Hard times for smokers worldwide, so it seems. 🙂

  3. My city is actually the odd ball out. Most places in america let you smoke wherever you want especially on the street. I’ve never seen anyone get in trouble for smoking unless it was inside a bar or restaurant where you can’t smoke. Other than that America has so many bigger problems like murder, rape, and violence, that smoking can’t really be worried about. Its up to the people who own the places to deal with it. In japan the police have nothing to do because there is such little crime, even so I’ve never seen any problems, if there where you could just play the dumb gaijin card. I’m sorry if you went to my blog and it had nothing to do with Japan, I had it set on another blog I was using for writing. What country are you from by the way.

  4. I don’t mind to visit or read blogs that have nothing to do with Japan. Some of the wonderful people out there I follow, and some of them following my blog, have nothing to do with learning languages.

    Crime is indeed a serious problem in the US. One of my cousins is a cop, and a very good friend was a jailer, so I’ve heard some stories myself. I also wittnessed two while I was on a visit, way back in the late 80’s, which was scary to say the least.

    In my own country crime is on the rise lately. But such things as murder are rather rare. Rape, on the other hand, is not. On the whole it is mostly violence and petty crimes that causes problems over here. In this connection, I am living in Austria, Europe, far away from both Japan and the US.

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