Motivation Where Art Thou?

One of my strong points is self motivation, which I have to thank my father and mother for, who taught me how important it is. Sometimes even the look out of my window can be a motivation to keep working at something, no matter how difficult, but sometimes it takes more to keep going. Even though I managed to look at the world in a more positive way, seeing all the good things that happen out there, the negative factors still have an influence on me. All the injustices that happen, the corruption, the politicians that work into their own pockets, instead of looking at the well-being of the whole country. In this respect, my country is the epitome of corruption, and there is no way out of it. I wish there was a way to change all this, knowing very well, that nothing will change, and most of those who dare to speak up are shut down. What is looking like paradise from the outside, is a mess inside, and this is Austria in the heart of Europe right there for you.

In such situations it is very hard to keep learning, which I can do freely at any time of day or night. Real life doesn’t stop for me. And so motivation for even reading A Dictionary of Advanced Japanese Grammar is needed more than anything. 758 pages full of grammar, example sentences, and new information that have to be digested. I like doing it, I like to sit down with my book, a slip of paper to take notes, drink coffee and smoke my cigarettes. Yes, my lifestyle is not very healthy, but then again there is not much health to ruin in my case anyway. *haha* So in case motivation is low, I connect to the internet, and visit Japanese school websites. In the past 1 or almost 2 years, this was something I could read, or rather decipher than read. What was worth a visit for reading practice, and also to gain a look at the education of children, has now become a source for motivation.

I love to see children, how they can look at the world in a very innocent way, smiling brightly, being taught real values by their teachers is heart-warming. Sometimes I wish some of what they learned was taught in schools in my country, when I was a child. You would not see any of our children ever clean their school building, for instance, or serve food to others, or eat together in classroom. There are no values being taught either, that are worth anything for contributing to society, outside the world of the classroom. There was just no place there for any of it. But I digress, because this should be about motivation, and not raising questions or lamenting about education in school.

Here is one of those typical pictures that keeps me going, taken from a school website, in 山形県 (やまがたけん) Yamagata prefecture.

Look at the girl on the left, this is what makes me happy, and raises motivation in an instant. And when I look at it, I just have to smile brightly, such a cute girl. By the way, the cooking apron somehow reminded me of one of the fairies in the Anime called 瓶詰妖精 (びんづめようせい) Bottle Fairies. If you have ever seen this one, guess which one! Talking about my sources for motivation, what are yours? What lets you forget all the worries and hardships in life, that gets you motivated, to get things done? Let me know by leaving a comment!

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