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There are numerous ways to review facts with Anki. For active recall a so-called cloze-deletion card is ideal. This is the type of card where certain parts are closed out with brackets. Another way is to change colors of parts of a sentence you try to recall. But what about books? You know the old paper things covered with dust on your bookshelf, like the multi-volume Encyclopedia you bought but never touched. The ones you got for a high price just to make the impression of being smart to your visitors. Yes, there are ways to review in much the same way as with the SRS, too.

All you need is transparent paper, and books, that highlight grammar points or other parts in a certain color. A Dictionary of Basic, Intermediate and Advanced Japanese, are introducing new grammar points highlighted in red color. So if you wish to review, insert the paper, the headlines, the grammar in sentences, and in the formation vanishes before your eyes. In this way you have to think to find out what belongs into the blanks. You’d still have translations, but you can also cover them, in order to make it more difficult.

Too bad that in the example sentences the grammar points are not highlighted in a different color. The workaround for this would really mean work, in that you would have to color it all manually. Even if you scan it, color the points, and then print it all out, its much work. Doable, but too much work, for what its worth. Or you go about it the other way around. Highlight random texts, print them all out, and then cover the text with the transparent paper. It would have the same effect, you are forced to actually think, and retrieve information, to make sense of a sentence. You can do this with vocabulary, grammar, or even whole sentence in dialogues. A says X, and B answers? The easiest way is to mark the text with a custom marker, created with a tool called Wiredmarker, so you can exactly match the color of the transparent paper you have bought, in a color you like.

It is a cheap but effective way in case you don’t like to use SRS, and wish to get away from your screen to study for a bit. I was doing it since two weeks to see whether or not this works, and it does. So I would recommend you to try it out for yourself and see how good it works.

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