One More

Before going to read away in my Dictionary of Intermediate Japanese Grammar, I want to share another resource that should be useful for those beginning to learn Japanese. At 怪盗ねこぴ which means mysterious cat pi, in case you got curious. There you will find animated cartoons, free games, books, reading material, books you can read by yourself, or get read to you if this is what you want, and general learning material for geography, culture, language, current hot topics such as 菅さんの次の首相もやっぱり原発? among other things. Many things you will find there, among which are some of the books, are written in Kana. I just mention it in case you haven’t learned your Kanji yet. And in that case, get Rikaisama which is an add-on for Firefox. I am sure you will find something interesting there. And for me it is high time now to go back to my grammar book. Have fun while discovering all the treasures on the website!

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