Core Mortuus Est – Vivat Core

I didn’t believe in chiromancy, hand reading, or signs until now. But when I read the same message on several different places, even on a Japanese blog, it got me to think seriously about it. The message was: “Things people are talking about doing, seldom become reality”. And there is truth in this. Instead of talking about doing things, one should do the things first and talk about them at length later. Reading some of the things I was planning to do, and what I actually did, there is a noticeable gap. There is also a difference between making some loose plans, working thorough Core10K, or Kanji in Context, or read this or that website.

Whereas the things I did, I just started doing, and in some cases never talked about, I got done. In some cases I mentioned something, but never said that I have finished it. One example is The English Japanese Students Dictionary of American History, another is the European History by the same authors. I just did and finished both, and the list of things gotten done grows longer, and longer, and longer. Seemingly every other week, but in reality it takes some weeks in some cases, and merely some hours in others. What counts is that things get done.

In this spirit, I started with Core10K a day ago, and plan to finish it before december. A very ambitious but possible goal. This deck contains 9420 facts. To achieve it, I stopped adding cards from the corePlus deck, vocabulary only. In the core2K and 6K portion there have been sentences, but the JLPT vocabulary only contains words and translations. Rote learning vocabulary, by all means, is not working very well for me. Since the core10K deck has audio, which I will use again in this deck, my review looks like this. The word on the front, the sentences in Japanese with audio on the back, and no translations. This will be new in so far, as I will add Japanese definitions, and Grammar information were needed on the cards. In my other decks this was a mixed-match, but with a good epwing grammar dictionary, and dictionaries in general, going J-J is easy.

Now it is time to get some things done. There are 20 new cards waiting in the core10K deck, and some 50 pages worth of grammar repetition in A Dictionary of Intermediate Japanese Grammar. I can’t effort to become lazy, or can I? 😉

2 responses to “Core Mortuus Est – Vivat Core

  1. I like this blog it offers some different stuff compared to other major Japanese language learning blogs.

  2. ようこそ!

    I am glad to hear that you like my small blog home. Enjoy your stay! 🙂

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