Effective Marking Strategies

Since the time I discovered Wiredmarker I have put it to good use. Or so I thought. In the beginning I used the tool to mark vocabulary in articles and books. You can imagine how this must have looked like, everything in yellow, which is one of my favorite colours. After marking only vocabulary, grammar followed, marked in grey. Next came known and unknown words, marked in red and green. There have also been place and personal names, marked in turquoise. And before you know it, I was drowning in a sea of colors, no pleasure to go back and read. For re-reading articles I had to come up with a solution. Flushing the cache the markers are gone for the time being. Since Wiredmarker keeps a seperate cached page, so it was safe to flush the browser cache. While re-reading a website, I started to mark what I have forgotten once more, and then compared it with the archive. To my dissatisfaction I haven’t been using the full potential to make reading easier.

Wiredmarker also allows to stack markers. Doing it, it looks like as if a sentence was marked only once, but they will be stored in the database in different versions. So if we take this sentence 政府が今国会に「沖縄科学技術大学院大学学園法案」を提出したものの、民主党が原案のままの成立に難色を示しているからだ。 Assuming I marked 民主党が原案 first and 成立に難色を示している and then I marked it a third time including のままの to have 民主党が原案のままの成立に難色を示している. With only 民主党が原案 and 成立に難色を示している it is easy to understand what is going on in this part of the sentence. The democratic party is against the presented plan of the governments current dietary session, to establish a new law. So after having marked 民主党が原案 and 成立に難色を示している already, in a next step 政府が今国会に, 法案 and 提出した could be marked. And finally 政府が今国会に「沖縄科学技術大学院大学学園法案」を提出した. It will seem as if this is one marked passage, but only on a website, not in the database it is stored. In the database all versions will be stored in the order they have been marked in.

By assigning different colors for different parts of a sentence, so that the connections become clear at first glance, can be a good strategy to make sense of a sentence. Knowing of the stacking function, and depending what you are reading for, meaning vocabulary, grammar, particles, making out connectors, noun phrases, head nouns, and so on, you can mark them individually first, and then you mark passages that belong together, so you become able to understand a sentence, without going over it more than once. With a working strategy you can even work over a whole passage to keep track of the important points and what it is all about. And if you also use the function that allows for taking notes you will have a good time while reading.

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