It is counterproductive while trying to learn one language, to spend too much time in others, such as English, Spanish, and lately also Afrikaans. There aren’t that many webistes that I visit on a regular basis in either of the aforementioned languages. The ones I do visit are time-killers. Time is an important good and too precious to waste.

Knowing that my will can be very weak, there was only one radical way to deal with it, one of two actually. One way is use a function that allows to read websites later, this works for videos too, or to block the websites. Being the weak willed person that I am, I choose to go with the latter. For blocking the webistes I use an add-on for Firefox called Blocksite It not only allows to block websites, but also choose a password, to disallow changes to the settings and block-list. As I already mentioned my solution is radical. Not only did I choose a 64 character in length password, I also didn’t copy it anywhere safe, so not to lead in temptation. One of the websites I blocked is, even though this has to do with learning Japanese, and even though it contains so much valuable information, it has become a timesink to read so it went on the blacklist. This is the best decision so far, since I really spend more time solely with Japanese pages, or considerably more time than before if you will.

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