Videos – Transcribing – 盆踊り

I was watching a video taken at a 盆踊り festival the other day.

The singer is great and the song has such a nice flow, really inviting to start dancing along if you ask me. While watching I suddenly had the idea to start transcribing videos. I don’t know what this should be good for, or why I had this idea in the first place. Though there is lots of material I could use for doing it. Some old and rare, or newer Anime, for instance. Maybe I consider doing it just to break up my fixed schedule. Which consists of doing my Anki reps first thing in the morning, reading the Dictionary of Intermediate Japanese Grammar, do some writing with the help of mori7 after which I read some books or websites, watch videos, or play old games. There is still plenty of space to squeeze this activity in. I guess i’ll have to try and see how it goes, and maybe i’ll have something to share with you, who knows?

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